Презентация "Relative pronouns" 8 класс

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Relative pronouns

For 8th grade

Done by

an English teacher Gordeeva Tatiana Vasilyevna

the person (who that), thing (that, which), place (where) or time (when) in the first half of the sentence.

Why do we use relative pronouns?

We use relative pronouns to give information about

Relative pronouns

We can omit a relative pronoun

We can’t omit a relative pronoun

  • He is the actor my sister admires= ..the actor who my sister admires;
  • Chinese is the language a lot of people can’t learn= ..the language that a lot of people can’t learn.
  • He is the actor who drove my sister mad!
  • Chinese is the language that is popular nowadays.

We can omit relative pronouns who, which, that when a noun or pronoun comes immediately after the first part of the sentence.

Read the text and fill in the gaps. Tips
  • Read the whole text without thinking about gaps. Catch the main idea of the text.
  • Think about the type of word you need (noun, verb, pronoun, article, etc.).
  • Read the answers. Choose the one you think is best. Look at the words which come before and after the gap.
  • Take away any answers which you know are not correct (if you don’t know which answer is right).
  • Read the sentence again with your answer in the gap to check it.
  • Never leave gaps blank!