Презентация "Scotland with my own eyes" 7 класс

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Scotland with my own eyes

Elena Lesakova

English teacher

School 180



It takes you 4,5 hours to get to Edinburgh from London using this comfortable train

From London to Edinburgh


Streets of Edinburgh

Sometimes in the streets you can see men in kilts.

Holyrood House is the residence of the British Queen Holyrood Gate On the territory of Holyrood House The ruins of the 12-th century Holyrood Abbey The inner yard of Holyrood House In the street of Edinburgh The old Town of Edinburgh. There you can see a monument to the dog Bobby- a symbol of devotion. The New Town. The Scott Monument Inside the monument there is a marble statue of Sir Walter Scott and his dog. The Scott Monument Upstairs… Upstairs the monument and you can see a portrait of Sir Walter Scott. Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

The Edinburgh military tattoo takes place here every August from 1947

The sign in one of the streets of Edinburg

I love YOU Scotland as well!