Контрольная работа "Man the Creator" 10 класс

10 класс УМК Афанасьева, Михеева
Kонтрольная работа № 1 Unit 1 “Man the Creator”
1. Read the text. Complete it with the correct words derived from the words
in bold on the right.
From the Museum of Fine Arts’ History.
In 1858, Professor Herts, First Head of the History of Art Department
at Moscow University argued that for 1. ___________ purposes, education
a museum of plaster cast copies of 2.____________ sculptures ought fame
to be set up.
Funds for the 3. ___________ of the museum 4. ___________ construct build
were raised by 5. ____________. subscribe
Plaster casts from statues exhibited in 6. ____________ European differ
museums or adorning some city squares were made according to the
plan by professor Tsvetaev of Moscow University, the then Head of
the History of Art Department. Every copy was to have a 7. ___________ special
designated place in thel 8. ____________ halls. exhibit
In 1912, the museum was opened to the public. Now Moscow had
a 9. _____________ collection of copies of ancient Greek, comprehend
10. _______________, medieval and Renaissance masterpieces. Rome
2. Use the right forms of the reflexive pronouns to complete the sentences.
1) I sent her a photograph of (she).
2) He had prepared (he) for this important meeting.
3) We (we) have to make this important decision.
4) Let’s ask (we) if we are prepared for new hard-ships.
5) Joe was feeling rather pleased with (he).
6) It is the party leaders (they) who made this decision.
7) You have to have some respect for (you).
8) As far as I know, the suggestion came from the president (he).
9) We thoroughly enjoyed (we) in the circus.
10) The teacher asked the pupils to write a brief essay about (they).
11) The machine switches (it) off when it has finished printing.
12) The pie is easy to bake. You can do it (you).
13) My mother keeps photographs of (I) when I was a baby.
14) The document (it) is divided into three parts.
15) Goodbye, children. I hope you’ll enjoy (you) at the theatre.
16) I’m going to pour (I) another coffee.
3. Give the singular of the following nouns.
1) Millennia
2) Teeth
3) Curricula
4) Antennae
5) Thieves
6) Roofs
7) Genii
8) Series
9) Oxen
10) Phenomena
11) Crises
12) Cacti
13) Theses
14) Women
15) Diagnoses
4. Complete the sentences with the right forms of nouns and verbs.
1) Her good (look was/ looks were) lost when she grew older.
2) Economics (is/ are) the study of the management of money and goods.
3) His aggressive (manner/ manners) of speaking (have/ has) never failed to shock me.
4) I’m afraid his (earning is/ earnings are) not sufficient to support his family.
5) The clergy (comprises/ comprise) the ministers, priests etc of the Christian religion.
6) The outskirts of London where the Townsends live (is/ are) a very attractive area.
7) The team (consist/ consists) of four doctors and seven nurses.
8) The means of their family (is/ are) rather reduced.
9) My (custom is/ customs are) to go for a walk on Sunday.
10) After the cremation the (ash was/ ashes were) scattered at sea.