Конспект урока "What do you know about cinema?" 11 класс

"What do you know about cinema?"
Цели и задачи:
Знакомство с историей возникновения кинематографа.
Развитие способности к анализу, догадке, способности осуществлять продуктивные речевые
Развитие воображения.
Формирование лексических навыков говорения.
Формирование грамматических навыков “Восклицательные предложения”, “Эмфатические
Воспитание чувства сопричастности к мировой истории, памятникам искусства.
фильм “Унесенные ветром”,
мультимедийный проектор,
раздаточный материал (тексты для чтения).
Фото Маргарет Митчел, Вивьен Ли.
Ход урока
1. Организационный момент
The topic of our lesson is the history of cinematography. You will speak about the history of cinema, the
world cinema empire Hollywood. You will watch the scene from the film “Gone with the wind” and learn
how this film was made. You will make up your dialogues and express your feelings and opinions on the
films. By the end of the lesson you will speak about your favourite actors and actresses.
2. Фонетическая зарядка
Let’s begin with revising new expressions and word combinations. Repeat after me all together:
a magnificent performance
a fantastic show
excellent decorations
outstanding actors
a great director
extraordinary costumes
sensational musical
impressive scene
astonishing film
touching melody.
3. Аудирование текста
The 20th century may be called the century of film making.
Cinema and T.V. films have become an important part of our lives. I want you to listen to the information
about the first film and fill in the table.
Inventors of the
The name of
the film
What is it about
The Lumiere
Film projector and monitor
picture camera
“Arrival of the
Train came towards
the camera.
a) answer the questions
b) retell the text using the table.
Учебник Ex.1(2), p.178.
You have read the text of Hollywood. You have learnt the information about the history of Hollywood and
film making. Make up questions and ask pupils to answer them.
1. When did the first studio appear?
2. What are the largest studios?
3. What famous actors starred in the films?
4. What genres were the first?
5. What was the first coloured film?
Учебник Ex.2 (3), p.178.
5. Просмотр сцены из фильма “Унесенные ветром”.
You have just said that the first coloured film was “Gone with the wind’’. Have you seen the film? There
are some names from the film making industry that are known all over the world. Do you know this
woman? What is she famous for? I want you to watch the scene from the film..
9. Составление диалогов
(When we go to the cinema with friends we usually discuss the film. Make up your dialogues and express
your likes or dislikes.
10. Проверка домашнего задания
I want you to speak about your favourite actors and actresses.
11. Подведение итогов урока
You have worked hard and were a success. You have learnt about the history of cinematography and
making the film ’’Gone with the wind’’, expressed your likes and dislikes of the films, spoke about your
favourite actors and actresses. I give you good and excellent marks. The lesson is over, good bye!