Презентация "Tolerance in the modern world" 9 класс

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«Tolerance in the modern world» Выполнили учащиеся 9 класса МОУ сош с. Калуга Руководитель: Оломская Е. П. Введение Некоторые факты современного мира показывают, что современное общество становится все более и более жестоким. Почему? Насилие на телевидении и в кино, а также жестокие компьютерные игры, делают молодых людей более жестокими сегодня. Нам - молодому поколению нового века небезразлично, всё происходящее на нашей планете. В наш не спокойный век, когда в разных частях нашей планеты возникают различные очаги напряжённости, людям порой не хватает в жизни простого человеческого участия и тепла. Мы учащиеся 9 класса, неравнодушные к человеческой боли решили исследовать тему : «Толерантность в современном мире». Цель проекта: Изучить теоретический  материал: что такое толерантность узнать когда возникло понятие «толерантность» выяснить когда возник День толерантности понять характеристики толерантной и интолерантной личности узнать правила толерантного человека определить смысловое значение эмблемы толерантности Задачи 1. Определить сущность коммуникативной толерантности. 2. Изучить представление о добре и зле, о способах решения конфликтных ситуаций. 3. Разработать принципы толерантного человека. Good and evil do always At the mercy of all people But evil is happening without difficulty, Good work harder. What is tolerance? Tolerance is respect, acceptance and proper understanding of other cultures, ways of expression and manifestation of human individuality. Under tolerance does not imply the assignment of or indulgence.Tolerance does not mean tolerance for social injustice, the renunciation of his beliefs or the assignment of foreign convictions, as well as imposing their beliefs to others. Hypothesis: If we strive for tolerance, the basis of relations between people will be kindness, respect, understanding? Tolerance is respect for the rights of others. Tolerance this cooperation. Tolerance is respect for human dignity. Tolerance is friendship. Tolerance is harmony in diversity. Tolerance peace and harmony. Tolerance mercy. Tolerance. What it is? - If someone asks me, I answer: "It's all earthly. That, on what planet is all. " Tolerance - are the people of light Different nations, faith and destiny Open something, somewhere, Rejoice together. No need Fear that you will offend People of color, not your blood. Fear that you humiliate People on your native soil. The emergence of the notion of "tolerance" From historical reference

At the turn of XVIII-XIX centuries France lived someone Talleyrand Perigord, Prince Beneventskij. He was distinguished by the fact that different Governments invariably remained Foreign Minister. This was a man, talented in many areas, but certainly more all-ability consider the mood surrounding respectfully refer to them; seek solutions to problems in a way that least could harm interests of other people. And still maintain their own principles, seek to manage the situation, rather than blindly obey her.

Tolerant personality 1 Respect for the opinions of others 2 Goodwill 3 Desire to do anything together 4 Understanding and acceptance 5 Of Sensitivity, curiosity 6 Indulgence 7 Trust, humanism Intolerant personality 1 Misunderstanding 2 Of ignoring 3 Selfishness 4 Intolerance 5 The phrase contempt 6 Irritability 7 Cynicism 8 Of indifference International Day of Tolerance Day of tolerance (tolerance) was founded November 16, 1995 a year after the signing of the UNESCO Declaration of principles on tolerance. This holiday is celebrated, and on this day, people around the International day of tolerance world call be kinder and more tolerant to each other. After all, on our planet so many wars and murders that occur on ridiculous reasons is differences in religious beliefs or political, racist, etc. But human life is priceless and very wrong selected her because of her excesses. Rules of the tolerant behaviour. 1 Treat others with respect. 2 Never think that your opinion is more important than the opinion of another person 3 Do not judge the values of others, based on their own. 4 Learn to see the value and originality of culture of each nation. 5 Remember that one person may not be right. Emblem of tolerance Symbol of tolerance-the Rainbow flag. It represents a peace that reigns on Earth, and the combination of all the colors of the Rainbow said about the diversity of manifestations of this world. Вывод В конце нашей исследовательской работы мы пришли к выводу, что толерантность путь – путь человека, понимающего других людей и готового всегда прийти на помощь, путь человека с доброжелательным отношением к иным культурам, взглядам и традициям.