План урока "What a Hero!" 9 класс

THEME: What a Hero!
Purpose of the Lesson: the analysis of the importance of being brave and
helping everyone in need.
Educational Aim: to train in the use of new thematic words; to practice speaking,
listening, and writing skills that require logic and critical thinking through
exercises, dialogue, and an exploratory talk.
Developing Aim: to guide the students to develop their communicative skills
through group work and question and answer tasks.
Bringing up Aim: to encourage the students to be responsible, attentive, and
Anticipated Result: by the end of this lesson, students will identify the
importance of being brave and of helping anyone in need.
Procedure of the Lesson.
Teacher’s Activity
Students Activity
Resources Visual Aids
I. Organization
b)roll call:
-Good morning, pupils! I’m glad to
see you. How are you?
I want you to be in the best of
moods. Let’s wish each other well
in succession:
-A., I wish you luck!
Thank you very much! Sit down,
Today our leader of organization
moment is D.!
-Thank you! C., I wish
you joy! ...
-What day is it today?
-What month is it
-Who is on duty today?
-Who is absent today?
-Are we ready to begin
our lesson?
Other pupils will
answer the questions.
-Teacher, we are ready
to begin our lesson!
Pupil Pupil
II. Making
Well, I want you to divide into two
groups. I shall give you pictures.
Take whichever one you like most.
Now divide into groups by the
Students will find their
groups and work
theme of your pictures: Family,
Disney heroes. Find your group
and join them.
-Thank you very much.
III. Checking
home task.
Now, be ready to check your home
task ex:4b, p.24, ex.6 a), b), p.25
Match your work with answers on
the interactive board.
Ex.4b: 1. was shining, 2. wasn’t
listening, 3. was … watching,
4.were painting, 5. weren`t
working, 6. were … doing.
Ex.6 a) listening CDs Track24.cda
and checking
b) 1. A child, 2. Toddlers. 3.
Elderly people, 4. A baby, 5.
Middle-aged people, 6. Teenager.
Here are our criteria on the
interactive board. Please, look and
make your marks.
Ex.4b: 6 marks
Ex.6a): 6 marks
Ex.6b): 6 marks
Total: 18 marks
Score: 18-16/18 Excellent
14-15/18 Good
9-13 /18 Satisfactory
0-8/18 Bad / Be attentive!
Students will check
their work and put
marks on criteria.
Individual Work
Textbook: Helen
Hadkins and Samantha
Lewis with Joanna
Budden Interactive”,
Student’s Book 2
IV. The main
1. Developing
dialogic talk
-Well done!
Boys, girls, thank you for your
marks! Now, it is time to see a
video and guess our new theme
- Answer my questions:
- What is the video about?
- Do you help people in need?
- How do you help a person in
- Do you think helping people is
- Whom can you call a hero? What
do heroes do?
- Do we need heroes?
- Do you know any heroes?
Can you tell me your heroes’
- Do you know any stories about
Students will see a
video and find out the
theme of the lesson
Students will answer
the questions.
Interactive Board
HEROES (Real Life
real or fictional heroes?
- What did they do? Why do you
think they are heroes?
- Have you ever saved someone’s
-What would you do if you had
2. Critical
with graphic
As you may have guessed, today
we are going to discuss heroes.
One of the groups will speak about
“What distinguishing features do
heroes have and do you want to be
a hero and why?” and the other
group will speak about “What
distinguishing features do cowards
have and do you want to be a
coward and why?” You have
several minutes to discuss. I want
you to listen to everyone’s opinion
on this issue.
Pupils will draw
“Webbing”, they will
have an exploratory
talk, and they will
discuss their theme
together. They will
work in groups, they
will search for the
necessary words and
information in their
dictionaries or on the
internet and try to use
new words in their
speech, then one of
them will speak about
their decisions
Working in groups
3. Dancing
First of all, I want you to take care
of your health. If you are healthy
you are able to do more for people
in need, that’s why we must do
exercises every day.
Students will dance I
am a Gummy Bear
on check
”Simon says’”
For developing your listening skills
we shall listen to the story about
“Animal attack” and do exercise
7a, b, c, d, on page 25.
To keep a favorable psychological
climate I shall give you different
instructions. My instructions are
preceded by the phrase ‘Simon
says…’ as in
‘Simon says touch your toes’ you
must do it. But if I simply say
‘Touch your legs!’ you must not do
it. Any student performing the
direct command with no ‘Simon
says…’ is ‘out’ and must stand
Students will listen to
CDs Track25.cda and
do ex.7a,b,c,d, p.25
Textbook: Helen
Hadkins and Samantha
Lewis with Joanna
Budden“ Interactive”,
Student’s Book 2
4. Doing
Dear students, it’s time for
Grammar! Before doing exercises
Students make a quick
review to the rules and
see grammar reference on p.26 the
using of the Past Simple and Past
Continuous. The first group will do
the Ex.8b, p.26, the second group
Ex.8c, p.24.
do exercises.
5. Cinquain.
Well done, dear students! You
have worked very well. Now I
want you to write a cinquain on
whichever theme you like. Here are
the rules: The first line - the subject
of the poem 1
The second line - a pair of
adjectives 2
The third line verbs 3
The fourth line word phrase 4
The fifth line- synonym 1
Students will write
V. Conclusion.
Thank you very much for active
part in our lesson. You have
worked very well. In conclusion
repeat after me this proverb, write
down and remember it:
“A hero is a man who is afraid to
run away”.
1. Evaluation
Students grade each
other in these
Home task:
Grammar Structures:
2. Home task.
To write an essay about your
favorite hero
3. Feedback.
Please, write a reflection on this
lesson in order for me to know how
to improve my future lessons.
Students will write their
opinion about the