Конспект урока "Почему мы изучаем иностранные языки?" 11 класс

Урок в форме интерактивной беседы по теме : « Почему мы изучаем
иностранные языки
Цель урока:
-активизация лексики в устной речи учащихся в диалогической и монологической форме в процессе
развития иноязычной коммуникативной компетенции учащихся
-воспитание положительного отношения к английскому языку как средству общения народов другой
- развитие мышления и памяти
- стимулирование учащихся к самостоятельным высказываниям в процессе моделирования новых
учебных условно-речевых ситуаций
- карты-приложения- речевые опоры, доска, круглый стол
Эпиграф урока:
« Чем больше языков знаешь, тем больше сможешь пережить»
« Кто не знает иностранных языков, тот не имеет понятия о своем собственном» (И.Гете)
Ход урока:
Teacher: So, are you ready for our lesson? Let’s begin. Well, as you remember that the year 2015 was
declared to be the year of Literature in Russia. The Russian language is known to be the language of Pushkin,
Dostoevsky, Chekhov, Tolstoy and we must never forget about all of this. First of all, I want you to listen to a
text about role of foreign languages. Listen attentively and join the conversation.
The text №1(приложение№1)
Teacher: Your task is to ask and answer some questions on the text. Only be attentive to the words in the
questions which are presented in the card in disorder.
Card №1 ( приложение №2)
Teacher: You may begin.
1 What do people of different nations usually want to have?
2 What problem is greater importance nowadays?
3 Why are foreign languages so socially demanded at the present time?
4 Why are foreign languages needed as the main and the most efficient means of information exchange?
5 Why else is it so important and useful to learn foreign languages?
5 How many people of the world speak English as a mother tongue?
6 What English-speaking countries do you know? What countries do the native speakers of the English
language mainly live in?
7 What spheres of people’s life all over the world does the English language cover?
Teacher: Thank you for your work. I want to ask one question. Do you think all people must learn English
Possible answer: To my mind there is no need for everybody to learn foreign languages.
Because for that as I said at the beginning of the lesson a lot of serious problems should be solved. But it is not
easy things to do
Teacher: Who else shares this opinion?
You may consult some of the key words well enough? don’t you?
The pupils are going to speak against learning foreign languages
Teacher: All right? Now why do we learn English language? Prove it, using the new card, please
Card № 3 (приложение №3)
Let’s speak about advantage of learning English.
Possible answer: Of couse, as I believe that when working at English I learn more about Russian our mother
tongue/ Besides, if I travel to England some days I will do it without being afraid that Englishman will not
understand me As for me, I”d like to add that the knowledge is sure to help me to study well at a university if I
enter the foreign languages faculty for example.
Teacher: What career are you going to choose thanks to foreign languages?
Student: The choice is rich. We may choose the career of an interpreter, the career of a guide or the career of
system programmer let alone the career of a foreign language teacher. Of couse, we must learn and
understand well the culter and numerous traditions of other nations, newspapers, magazines, of other
countries is a good opportunity to get more information about the problems we are interested in.
Card №4 (приложение№4)
Conclusion of the lesson- Why is English one of the most important language in the world?
English one of the most important language in the world because it is used by diplomats, by world’s radio
stations, by businesspeople, by pilots and air traffic controllers, by scientists, doctors. All this makes this
language one of the most important language in the world. Mane other languages and English are very
important in people life as a means of communication and as a means of information exchange too.
Thank you for your wonderful work.