Конспект урока "The Internet" 8 класс

Date: ____ Form: 8
Theme: The Internet
1. to study new words connected with the Internet and to practice for talking about the Internet
2. to improve work the students with grammar « Conditional sentences». improving speech
and language skills, the ability to analyze and express their opinions, the ability to engage in
dialogue, questioning, the ability to request additional information.
3. to bring up the interest to the new technology.
Visual aids: slides, cards.
Form of the lesson: combined
Teaching methods: interactive methods, question- answer, ind. work
The procedure of the lesson
I. Org. moment
a) Greeting task with students.
b) Duty’s report
c) Phonetic drill.
II. Phonetic drill.
“If the weather is warm, we mustn’t storm, if the weather is cold, we mustn’t scold, but
be thankful together whatever the weather”
III. Checking the homework.
a) Game “ Find the words”
Camera- 3 1 13 5 18 1
Mobile phone- 13 15 2 9 12 5 16 815 14 5
Microwave- 13 9 3 18 15 23 1 22 5
Fridge- 6 18 9 4 7 5
Radio- 18 1 4 9 15
Computer- 3 15 13 16 21 20 5 18
Vacuum cleaner- 22 1 3 21 21 13 3 12 5 14 5 18
Washing machine 23 1 19 8 9 14 5 13 1 19 9 14 5
Plane 16 12 1 14 5
b) Now answer the questions.
What do you use a camera for? Etc.
IV. Warm up. Think the theme of the lesson. Use the first letter of each words.
V. Active vocabulary.
a) Read the words with the translations. Pay your attention to the pronunciation of the
huge- громадный
network- сеть
database- база данных
e- mail-электронная почта
service- служба
search- искать
search programme- поисковая программа
b) Now write the words
1. [ huj:dӡ]-
2. [netwә:k]-
3. [ databeize]-
4. [ i: mail]-
5. [ sә:vis]-
6. [ sә:tᶘ]-
7. [ sә:tᶘ prɔgrᴂm]-
VI. Reading and speaking about the Internet.
Ex. I, p.153 Read and discuss the text.
The Internet
The Internet is a huge network of computers. Public Internet began in the late 70’s. The Internet
is very helpful, because it is a huge database of knowledge. Everyone should have the Internet
as a means of communication. Besides data one can get from the Internet, we can also send and
receive e- mail. This internet service is cheaper than ordinary mail and much quicker. It is
becoming popular day by day. We can get some news from the Internet, because there are many
informational services in the web. For this we can get use different search programmes such as
the google search programme, rambler search programme, yandex search programme or yahoo
search programme. They are very simple and popular networks of sites. ( 123 words)
Answer the questions:
a) What is the Internet?
b) When did public Internet appear?
c) In what way can the Internet be useful to everyone?
d) What can you say about advantages of the e- mail?
e) What search programmes do you know? Which one do you use?
VII. Grammar Revision. Conditional sentences.
Образуйте условные предложения I и II типа.
1. If you (to be) free, I (to come) to see you.
2. If I (to see) her, I (to be) glad.
3. If you (to be) busy, I (to leave) you alone.
4. If I (to live) in Moscow, I (to visit) the Tretyakov Gallery every year.
5. If she (to know) English, she (to try) to enter the university.
6. If mother (to buy) a cake, we (to have) a very nice tea part.
VIII. Conclusion of the lesson.
Helpful useful
Search send receive
Internet is useful for everyone.
IX.Homework learn new words and Ex.II, p.154