Презентация "Adjectives + dependent prepostions" 10 класс

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ADJECTIVES + DEPENDENT PREPOSITIONS Авдеева А.В. Учитель английского языка ГБОУ АО «Школа-интернат одаренных детей им. А. П. Гужвина»

according to accustomed to afraid of annoyed with/about/at anxious about ashamed of astonished at aware of crazy about delighted at/about different from (dis)satisfied with doubtful about enthusiastic about

envious of famous for

fed up with fond of frightened of good at

guilty of incapable of interested in jealous of keen on mad at/about opposed to pleased with

proud of puzzled by/about safe from sensitive to(wards) serious about sick of

similar to sorry for/about suspicious of typical of

sympathetic to(wards)

tired of

unaware of

1.She is interested ______ all types of music, but fanatical ______ jazz. 2. We are almost totally dependent _____ the weather. 3. The film is loosely based ______ the book. 4. The government have set up a group to enquire ______ airport accidents. 5. She has been doing research _______ cancer for twenty years. 6. Although he paints, he is most famous ______ his poetry. 7. I could never get accustomed _____ the cold weather. 8. I got so totally absorbed ______ the film, I forgot the cake! 9. We have been flooded ______ requests to show the programme again. 10. He is capable _____ turning the company’s fortunes around

11. His views are dependent______ the old Labour Party. 12. The bicycle was tied ____ the roof of the car. 13. Nobody is certain _____ the future but some are convinced _____ the past. 14. She was suspicious ______ his motives from the start. 15. They are protesting _________ the funding cutbacks. 16. I am content ______ the progress she has made. 17. I am amazed _____ the progress she has made. 18. I am concerned _______ her poor progress. 19. His name is linked ______ the club. 20. I am involved ______ several pressure groups.

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