План урока "The ABC of Tecnology" 8 класс

План урока английского языка
«The ABC of Tecnology»
К концу урока учащиеся смогут:
- рассказать о своем отношении к природе;
- определить способы решения проблем окружающей среды;
- предложить решение проблемы.
Ход урока.
1. Организационный момент.
2. Разминка фонетическая и речевая.
3. Работа с учебником (упр. 3, стр. 75-76)
4. Работа в группах
5. Тестирование
6. Работа с Интернет-ресурсами. Песня It’s up to me and you!
7. Высказывания учащихся об отношении к природе, о своих действиях по
сохранению окружающей среды.
1. Организационный момент
2. Фонетическая разминка
protect nature
reduce pollution
recycle things
turn on/off
pollute nature
throw away litter
spoil the environment
3. Работа с учебником
a) There is a rule of three «R» s: reduce, reuse, recycle. Ss do ex. 3, p. 75 to learn what things can be
reduced, reused and recycled.
b) Then they listen to information:
A lot of Americans say they have voluntarily recycled newspapers, glass, aluminum cans, plastic
bottles and containers in recent years.
The Procter and Gamble Company has begun putting its products in bottles made of recycled
plastics. McDonald's recycles plastic containers for food.
Recyclers usually buy products which they can reuse or recycle.
c) The students explain why Americans recycle.
d) The students say what they and their family reduce, reuse and recycle.
4. Работа в группах
The students work in the groups of 3 persons. They are given a list of
things. They should think of how to reuse them: a plastic bottle, a plastic container, an old coat,
an old dress.
5. Answer the questionnaire to know how “green” you are.
1. There is a light on in your house. Do you turn it off?
a. Yes b. No.
2. Which do you prefer?
a. showers b. baths
3. How do you get to school?
a. by car b. on foot / by bike
4. What do you do with the sheet of paper, when you’ve written on the one side?
a. throw it away b. write on the other side.
5. You’ve eaten a sweet. What do you do with a wrapper?
a. put it in the rubbish bin b. throw it on the ground
6. When you go shopping, do you:
a. take a bag with you? b. ask for a bag in the shop?
Answer: l.a=l b=0 3.a=0 b=l 5.a=l b=0
2.a=l b=0 4.a=0 b=l 6. a=l b=0
Points: 4-6: Well done! You think about the Earth;
2-3: Ok, but you can do more;
0-1: Oh no! You don't think about the Earth.
6. Работа с Интернет-ресурсами
Do you want to know what you and other people can do to help the planet? Go to
http://www.britishcouncil.org/kids-songs-environment and we’ll listen to the song It’s up to
me and you! (After the first listening it is possible to read the lyrics and then to sing along
with the record).
7. Высказывания учащихся.
First look please at the handouts on your desks and do the first task (match the sentences to
the pictures). So, you see there are lots of ways to help the environment. What do you do to
help the Earth?
8. Homework: 1. Write down all the things you do to help the Earth.
2. EX. 7 p.76.