Сценарий внеклассного мероприятия "Our fragile planet, can it be saved?"

Сценарий внеклассного мероприятия
"Our fragile planet, can it be saved?"
Цель мероприятия: способствовать формированию целостного
представления о мире, об общих проблемах, стоящих перед человечеством в
21 веке, прививать учащимся чувство любви и бережного отношения к
окружающей среде, чувство ответственности за место где они живут.
Задачи мероприятия:
1. формирование лексико- грамматических навыков;
2. развитие навыков устной монологической и диалогической речи;
3. совершенствование навыков аудирования и умения воспринимать
иностранную речь на слух.
1. развивать способности к сравнению, умозаключению;
2. развивать оперативную память;
3. развивать способности к распределению внимания,
коммуникабельности, умению выражать своё отношение к теме.
1. формирование уважительного и ответственного отношения к природе,
воспитание бережливости и сознание роли человека во взаимодействии
с природой;
2. формирование способности осознавать экологические проблемы и
желание помочь природе;
3. повышение мотивации учащихся к изучению английского языка.
Форма мероприятия: Презентация.
Ход мероприятия
Звучит музыка, на экране демонстрируется клип песни Майкла
Джексона «The Earth Song».
Ведущие начинают ток-шоу.
1-й Ведущий: Ladies and gentlemen! We’d like to welcome you to our
2-й Ведущий: The motto of our show is “We do not inherit the earth from
our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. (Native American Proverb)
1-й Ведущий: We hope the talk show will be very successful and all of you
will take an active part in it.
2-й Ведущий: We believe that during our talk show we will work out some
solutions to the ecological problems. We want you to pay attention to this urgent
1-й Ведущий: We have invited some guests to the studio to participate in it.
2-й Ведущий: We’d like to introduce them:
- ecologists working in the field of safety environment: Mr. Adams, Ms.
Anderman, Mr. Volkov.
- a teenage ecologist Alice Maxwell
- a journalist from “The Financial Times” Ms Pack
- a representative of the International Organization “Kids For a Clean
- famous designer Ms Clair;
1-й Ведущий: The problem of environment is not only the problem of our
country, it is global. As we all know our planet is in danger nowadays. Today we
would like to discuss it with you. Please, be active in the discussion.
2-й Ведущий: We would like to give the floor to the ecologists dealing with
all kinds of pollution:
На сцену приглашаются экологи.
Выступление 1-го эколога: Hello, My name is… I would like to draw
your attention to the problem of air pollution. These days people have become
alarmed with the danger of pollution. Air, water and soil are necessary for
existence of all living things. As you know, polluted air can cause different
illnesses and even the lungs cancer. More and more cities and towns with a lot of
plants and factories are appearing all over the world today. Their products pollute
the air we breathe in. The atmosphere is polluted with dust and other harmful
substances. A lot of cities suffer from smog. Forests and rainforests are cut down
and burnt in fire.
Выступление 2-го эколога: Hello, my name is….My speech will deal
with another ecological problem, water pollution. We don’t take care of rivers and
lakes and don’t understand that in a few years people will fight for water because
of its shortage on the planet. We have to stop people who poison water with
different chemicals. We know that some factories and plants don’t have good
purifying systems and dump wastes into the water. Even underground water is
polluted nowadays because fertilizers and pesticides used in the agriculture and
farming leak down.
Выступление 3-го эколога: Hello. Let me introduce myself. I’m…. The
theme of my speech is land pollution. Look at these photos. Aren’t you scared of
them? Let’s start with streets of our cities. I’m sure something must be done about
the mess in the streets and the city dumps. It’s an absolute disgrace. Local people
need more help to keep them clean. I can see that there are not enough bins in the
streets, so the pavements are covered with paper, different drink cans and
cigarettes butts. I think that something should be done with all this; we must start
to clean our planet with sweeping the streets of our cities. We all like to go to the
countryside, look at beautiful flowers and some of us pick them but don’t realize
the effect it will have. If we don’t take any measures, we will have no flowers at all
and people will be really upset. We all want to enjoy them in the future.
Ведущий: (приглашает участника акции протеста против вырубки
лесного массива под строительство нового офисного здания).
We’d like to give the floor to Alice Maxwell. She and her fellow school-age
environmentalists have spent two months fighting against a property developer
Gregory L. building houses in the area of the local p ark. They have received a
great support from people who wanted to save the park and its wildlife. Thanks to
their efforts they managed to preserve their park
Выступает Alice Maxwell: I started organizing this campaign when I
understood how many people were against the building of the houses. We wrote a
lot of letters of protests to the council but it turned out not to be enough. So, in
order to put more pressure on the council and to raise people’s awareness, my
friends and I started camping on that site. We understood that something had to be
done to stop cutting down the trees in the park. A lot of people supported us, they
joined our campaign. Because of our activities they couldn’t cut down trees. Our
campaign was successful and we could protect the life of animals and plants.
Ведущий: We see that all these problems are very urgent nowadays and it’s
difficult to solve them.
Выступление из зала (обращение журналиста к аудитории с
вопросами по защите окружающей среды).
Журналист: Hello. My name is …. I am working on the article about
global environmental problems we are facing and I would like to know your
opinion on this subject.
I want to write down your ideas about this issue. Are things so bad
nowadays? (дискуссия взале)
Ученик 1: Personally, I think things are not too bad.
Журналист: Is there anything we can do to save our planet?
Ученик 2: There is much what we can do. Factories and plants should
install modern purifying systems. Cars should use other sources of energy not to
pollute the air. We shouldn’t use much fertilizers and chemicals in agriculture.
Журналист: And what about the litter?
Ученик 3: We must have more litter bins.
Журналист: Do you think that it is possible?
Ученик 4: Sure. We should teach children to be careful since their
Журналист: How can we help our nature?
Ученик 5: We shouldn’t cut down trees; recycle glass, plastic and paper. In
this case we can recycle glass and plastic into new objects. We can make new cars
and refrigerators with the help of old iron. We can get new papers recycling old
ones. Moreover, I would to stress that practically everything can be recycled
Журналист: What should we do to save the Earth?
Ученик 6: We should teach the humanity to take care of our planet.
Ведущий 1: There are different ways to appeal people’s awareness of all
these problems. Let’s make our contribution to this. We are giving you some tee-
shirts and markers and your task is to express your ideas on this subject. Draw
pictures and write the slogans on your tee-shirts. Then each team will advertise
their products. We give you 5 minutes.
Ученики работают в группах, рисуя картинки и слоганы на
футболках, и обсуждают свою презентацию.
Are you ready? Now put on your tee-shirts and advertise them.
Звучит музыка, учащиеся выходят на сцену, демонстрируют и
комментируют свои работы.
Ведущий 2: We have invited a representative of the international ecological
organization Kids FACE. Mr Brown, what could you say about your organization
and its activities?
Представитель Всемирной детской экологической организации
рассказывает о своей деятельности.
Mr Brown: I am a representative of Kids for a Clean Environment. Kids
FACE started in 1989, in Nashville by Melissa Poe. The first chapter of the club
was formed in Hattiesburg in 1990. Today there are more than 2000 club chapters
in fifteen countries and it is the world's largest youth environmental organization.
The mission of Kids FACE is to provide children with information about
environmental problems and involve them in activities which can help to save our
planet. I hope you will find it interesting and important to join us.
Ведущий: And the most exciting part of our show is FASHION SHOW.
The students of our school have prepared some clothes made of different
ecological materials. They worked hard on their models and they were very
creative. Now they are invited to the catwalk. Our famous designer Ms Clair will
comment the performance.
Фотографии демонстрируют некоторые этапы подготовки к
завершающей части проектной деятельности, его конечному продукту.
Комментарии дизайнера и дефиле участников в костюмах,
сделанных своими руками из различных материалов (бумаги,
пластиковых пакетов, картона) под музыку, используемую на показах
Designer: So, everybody, I really like all your costumes that you have made.
Eco-fashion is very important nowadays because we need to save our planet and
use recycled materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic and etc. We should care
more about clothes we wear and what material it is made of. Looking at these
models you can see the ways to be fashionable and in the same time to protect our
Conclusion: We hope that you, students, will be able to change this
ecological situation. Please, take part in different environmental activities, make
environmental programs at school, and attract more public attention to these
problems. We have to do all our best to control the situation and improve our
environment. Thank you for coming.