Конспект урока "Do you Read Newspapers on Sundays?" 8 класс

Учитель Чижова О.Ю.
Урок английского языка в 8 классе УМК «Enjoy English», авторы М.З.
Биболетова, Н.Н. Трубанева.
Тема: «Do you Read Newspapers on Sundays
Цели урока:
1. Образовательные: Ознакомление с типами британских газет, сравнение
их по различным характеристикам, формирование навыков говорения
по теме «Газеты», как средство массовой информации».
2. Развивающие: расширение кругозора учащихся в области СМИ
(газеты, журналы), формирование умения различать жанры газетных
статей и оценивать информацию по ее значимости. Развитие
способностей к догадке.
3. Воспитательные: воспитание интереса учащихся к чтению газет, как
местных, так и центральных .
Задачи: совершенствование навыка работы с текстом (чтение с полным
пониманием), умение вести дискуссию по теме «Газеты».
Ход урока:
1. Организационный момент:
- Good afternoon, boys and girls! Glad to see you today! Who is absent? Thank
you very much. And now we are beginning our lesson. Today we shall have a talk
about newspapers. And the theme of our lesson is «Do You Read Newspapers on
Sundays Are you ready to begin? Well!
2. Фонетическая разминка
Let’s remember the pronunciation of some new words. All together repeat after
(a:) mass, class, last
(I :) East, cheap, media
( з) conclusion, pleasure, television
(iu :) new, news, pupil, newspaper
(…e) cap, flat, tabloid
(e i) day, brave, radio
3.Речевая зарядка.
Well, now answer my questions, please.
What means of communicating do you know?
(Satellite and cable television, newspapers, tabloids, the internet, radio, books and
What mass media is the most useful to your opinion?
What is the most common?
What is the most expensive?
4. Работа с текстом «Newspapers in Britain» (Чтение с полным
Children, let’s look through the information of newspapers in Britain and say what
the difference is between:
a) National and local newspapers
b) Daily and Sundy newspapers
c) Quality/serious newspapers and tabloids.
Учащиеся читают и переводят текст из упр. 34 стр. 70
Учитель обращает внимание на чтение и перевод слов to disapprove не
одобрять и except- за исключением.
5. Работа в парах. Обсуждение прочитанного текста. Work in pairs.
Discuss one of the following problems. Make you suggestions. Share them
with other students:
a) Why do some people disapprove of tabloids?
b) Why are there free newspapers? Do you have them in Russia, you city?
c) What kind of events do you think are important or not important?
6. Беседа о российских газетах.
- Well, friends, last time I asked you to bring newspapers that members of your
family usually read. Have you bought any? OK. What are they? Show me, pleas!
(Учащиеся показывают, какие газеты они принесли по просьбе учителя).
Let’s look and say what category of newspapers they are and why? Examples:
- My mother likes reading «Literaturnaya Gazeta». It’s a weekly newspaper. It’s
published once a week on Wednesdays. It’s large and has many different serious
problems on literature and arts. I think it’s a central quality newspaper.
-My family receives a newspaper called «FACT» . It is published in our city three
times a week. It is colourful and nice newspaper which has a lot of materials about
different events that take place in our city: economical, cultural, political,
educational and what not .There are usually some advertisements and TV
programme on its last pages. I think it’s a good local newspaper.
7.Развитие навыков диалогической речи
Now, please read and act out the dialogue from Ex 36p70.
Ребята читают по ролям диалог What do the Browns do on Sundays?
8. Упражнение на развитие догадки.
And our next task is exercise 38 page 70. Here are the headlines of different
newspapers published on the same day .Guess which of them they are (the same
headline can stand for more than one kind of news).
1. Home and Away national news
2. False Starts international news
3. Health Facts local news
4. The UFO Again? political news
5. Can Anyone Help economic news
6.Who Knows Where You’ll Travel? business news
7. The Adventure Begins cultural new
8. I’m Trying to Be Brave sports news
9. Foundation Gets a Home scandals
9. OK. And our last task for today is written exercises. Please, open your
workbooks and find exercises four and five page thirty- seven. The tasks are:
Circle the right form of the verb. (Ex 4 p. 37)
Choose the right word. Fill it in. (Ex 5 p 37)
Учащиеся выполняют письменные упражнения в рабочей тетради,
направленные на повторение темы «Исчисляемые и неисчисляемые имена
10. Заключительная часть урока.
Now, friends, I think we have worked a lot today and have learnt some interesting
things. I think that now you can name the main kinds of British newspapers and
describe their characteristics. You home task is exercises nineteen and twenty page
eighty-seven (SB). In Ex 19 you should make up ten sentences and complete them
using the text. In Ex 20 you should prepare a brief report about any Russian
newspaper you want.
You marks for the lesson are…
Our lesson is over. Goodbye!