Презентация "London Sights" 7 класс

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London Sights Trafalgar Square
  • It is the central square of London and traditional place for people to meet.
  • All sorts of protest meetings are held there.
  • The statue of national hero Admiral Nelson stands there.
The Houses of Parliament
  • It is a place where the British Government sits.
  • It consists of three parts: the Royal Apartments, the House of Lords and the House of Commons.
Big Ben
  • It’s a clock in the tower and it is a big bell.
  • You can hear it every hour.
  • People are allowed to get inside the Tower so that they can see the work of the clock.
  • There is no lift and there are three hundred and forty steps (340).
  • It weighs 13.5 tons.
Tower Bridge
  • It is the oldest and famous bridge across the Thames.
  • Originally it was made of wood by the Romans, but it was often burnt down.
  • Later it was made of stone.
  • Finally it was rebuilt and made of concrete.
The Tower of London
  • It has a long history. In the past it was a fortress, a prison, a castle and a zoo.
  • It was built to protect the city from the enemies. There are a lot of ravens at this place.
  • There is a legend that without them the Tower will fall.
  • Nowadays this building is a very popular museum.
Buckingham Palace
  • It’s the London home of the Queen.
  • Buckingham Palace was built for John, first Duke of Buckingham, between 1702 and 1705.
  • Changing the guards takes place there.
  • The palace is open to public.
Oxford Street
  • It is the biggest shopping street in London.
  • There are 548 shops in Oxford Street.
  • Each Christmas the street is decorated with festive lights.
  • In mid- to late November a celebrity turns on the lights and they remain on until 6 January
The Greenwich Observatory
  • It is the centre of time and space.
  • The prime meridian of the Earth, which divides east from west passes there.
Madame Tussaud’s
  • It is a famous museum of wax figures.
  • They have wax figures of all the famous people in the world.
The London Eye
  • It’s the biggest observation wheel in the world.
  • It is situated on the banks of the River Thames in Central London
  • It’s height is 135 meters.
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