Технологическая карта урока "Schools and rules" 7 класс

10.09.15. English Form 7 C
Teacher Netkachyova Tatyana Alexandrovna
Schools and rules
To develop lexical habits, to develop skills in speaking, reading, writing, to learn phrasal verbs, to
teach working in groups/ pairs
Pupils know phrasal verbs, use them in the speech, work in pairs/groups
Student’s book, Work book, online dictionaries
Main ideas:
Public schools, boarding school
The Procedure of the Lesson
Teacher’s actions: what shall I do?
Pupils’ actions
5-7 min.
I.Org. moment
Psychological adaptation for the lesson.
Greet each other with the help of your finger,
palms, arms, hands…
Pupils make a circle and greet each other
II. Dividing into groups:
Naming the expert of the group
Pupils choose the cards: winter, autumn,
spring, summer
Name the expert
Main part
III. Let’s guess the theme of the lesson and the
aims. What shall we learn?
Pupils guess the theme, name the aims
IV. Checking of home task
Check your partner’s home work
Check the home work in pairs.
V. Speaking
Hot chair. What do you know about Hogwarts?
Answer the questions.
VI. Writing/Speaking
Look at the sentence builder (ex 6 p 9) and find
examples in the text (ex 2 p 8).
Work in pairs. Compare your school with Eton,
Sudbury Valley and Petergate School, ex 7 p 9.
Write your sentences
Look at the word builder. Ex 8 p 9
Rewrite the sentences using verbs from the word
builder, ex 9 p 9.
Let’s do the verb quiz in groups, ex 10 p 9.
Work in pairs, ask and answer the questions. Ex 11
p 9
Tell the class: what rules at your school are unfair?
Work with the text
In pairs write sentences.
Study the word builder.
Do the written tasks.
Work in groups
Prepare dialogues in pairs.
Discuss as a class, talented pupils make a
VII. Evaluation
The experts evaluate the groups using the criteria.
Write the cards “have already learnt/ learnt
today/would like to learn”.
The experts evaluate the groups.
Write the cards.
VIII. Giving home task
ex 1, 5 p 18, 19 wb.
Write down the home task