Внеклассное мероприятие "Великобритания, Америка, Россия" 6 класс

Цели: обобщение изученного материала по теме “Великобритания Америка,
Россия”, актуализация страноведческого материала.
Ход мероприятия
Hello, my dear boys and girls! We are glad to greet you at our game! All
children like to play. There are two teams in our classroom and we have three
members of our jury today. The first team is called , and its captain is . The
second team is called, and its captain is. The members of our jury are: .
- These questions deal with the United Kingdom of Great Britain, America and
- Let’s choose the first theme.
1. - Oh, it’s: Main parts of Great Britain, “Political Outlook” Do you like it?
You do! So if you have a question on this topic.
“Main parts of Great Britain”:
1. What is the largest part of the UK? (2 points)
(The largest part of the UK is England)
2. What part of the GB borders on the Independent Irish Republic? (4 points)
(Northern Ireland borders on the Independent Irish Republic on the land)
3. What is the capital of Wales? (3 points)
4. What are the regions of England? (5 Points)
(The regions of England are: The southeast, the Southwest, East Anglia, the
Midlands and the north of England)
5. What parts is Scotland divided into? (2 points)
(Scotland is divided into Highlands and Lowlands)
“Geographical Outlook
1. What parts does the UK consist of? (2 points)
2. What is between GB and the Northern Ireland? (5 points)
(The Irish Sea is between GB and the Northern Ireland)
3. Where is the UK situated? (4 points)
(The UK is situated on the British Isles)
4. What is the UK washed by on the North? (1 point)
5. What Dover we usually call the narrowest part of the English Channel? (3
The Strait of Dover is the narrowest part of the English Channel?
6. What is the longest river in England? (3points)
(The longest river in England is the Severn - 388 km.)
7. What is the highest mountain in the UK? (1 point)
(The highest mountain in the UK is Ben Nevis - 1343 m.)
“The Political Outlook
1. How many members are there in the House of Commons? (2 points)
(There are 650 members in the House of Commons)
2. Whom does the power in the country belong to? (3 points)
(The power in the country belongs to the British Parliament and to the British
3. How often do the British people elect the members of the House of
Commons? (5 points)
(The British people elect the members of the House of Commons every five
4. Who is the Head of the State in GB? (2 points)
(The Head of the State in GB is the Queen)
5. What is the full name of the country? (5 points)
6. What is the London home of the Queen? (3 points)
7. Who is officially the head of the country? (4 points)
8. What river is the capital situated on? (2 points)
9. Who is the national Hero of Britain, the defender of poor people? (3
10. Who was the first Englishman in Russia? (5points)
(The first Englishman in Russia was Richard Chancellor)
11. How many countries does the Commonwealth include? (5 points)
(49 independent states)
12. How often does Big Ben strike?( 1 point)
(Every of an hour)
13. Who are called the “Tories” (2 points)
(The Conservative Party)
“The British way of life”
1. What is the favourite topic to discuss in GB? (2 points)
(The favourite topic to discuss in GB is the weather)
2. What pets are the special animals in G B? (3 points)
(The special animals in GB are the cats)
3. Where can you see the ravens in London? (3 points)
(You can see the ravens in the Tower of London)
4. Why do the ravens live in London? (3 points)
5. What is the double-decker? (1 point)
6. What is the Big Ben? (2 points)
7. Who is the architect of the famous St. Paul’s Cathedral? (2 points)
8. What is Covent Garden? (2 points)
9. Where is London Zoo situated? (2 points)
(In Regent’s Park)
10. What is the population in London? (2 points)
(The population in London is about seven million people)
11. What is the most popular game in English pubs? (Darts)
12. How many days did the great Fire of London last in 1666? (1 point)
(Five days)
13. What is the Britain’s currency? (2 points)
(Pounds and pence)
14. What is the centre of the night life in the West End? (2 points)
(Piccadilly Circus)
15. Where is the home of the first great detective, Sherlock Holmes?(1 point)
The United States of America
Teacher: I want you to answer my questions:
1. What is the capital of USA? 2. How do people call the American flag? 3. When
did Christopher Columbus discovered America? 4. What do Americans celebrate
on the 4
of July?
5. How many stars are there on the American flag? 6. How many stripes are there
on the flag? 7. When did the story of the “Wild West” begin? 8. What tradition did
the first colonists start? 9. What are the colors of the American flag? 10. How
many people live in USA?
Teacher: You will have five minutes to prepare several wrong statements
about the political system of USA. Then you will read the sentences one by one
and another team will correct them.
1. The Congress is divided into 3 parts.
2. Every state sends 4 men to the Senate.
3. The President makes the lows.
4. There are 135 congressmen in the House of Representatives.
5. The Supreme Court is made up of 8 judges.
6. There are 24 amendments to the Constitution of the USA.
7. The first eleven amendments to the Constitutions are called the Bill of
8. The Constitution was written in New York.
9. The Government of the United States has five brunches.
Teacher: Will you look at the blackboard? You will see the pictures of
some interesting places in America. You must tell about these places in 2
1. It is the White House. The part where the President of the USA lives and
works is not open to the public. The White House is one of the most
beautiful places in the capital of USA. It consists of 133 rooms. You can
visit library, the Red Room, the Blue Room and the Green Room which has
some fantastic old furniture.
2. The Grand Canyon is one of the places which attract the tourists visiting
America. The canyon is one mile deep and 277 miles long. There are
different kinds of plants and animals on the opposite sides of the canyon.
The south side is a dry desert country. The north side has tall forests. The
canyon looks different at different times of the day and in different seasons
and the weather.
3. You can see the Statue of Liberty .It was built in New York Harbor in
1886. It was a gift to America from the people of France. About 12 million
immigrants passed through New York when they came to America. The first
thing they saw after their long trip was the Statue of Liberty, which is the
American symbol of freedom.
4. The Capitol is the tallest building in Washington, D.C., and the most
famous building in the USA, because it is the place where are the lows are
made, The Capitol is surrounded by a beautiful garden with many
trees and flowers. You can visit the Capitol from 9 a. m. to 3p.m. In the
Capitol you can learn a lot about the first settlements in New England.
Teacher: Now you will have 5 minutes to make up sentences .Put the words in
a logical order.
1. Have, what, you, seen, in the park?
2. Who, last, was, in Los Angels, year?
3. They, when, celebrate, will, Halloween?
4. Going, to Texas, why, he, is?
5. Whom, people, near, House, can, the , White, meet?
“Geographical Position”
1. What is the deepest freshwater lake in Russia?
2. What seas wash Russia in the south?
3. What Russian mountain chains do you know?
4. How many regions in the Russian Federation do you know?
5. What is the longest river in Europe?
“Political system”
1. What is the lower House of the Federal Assembly?
2. Who was the first Russian President?
3. What is the official name of the Russian Parliament?
4. Who is the head of the Republic of the Russian Federation?
5. What is the highest law of the Russian Federation?
Main cities”
1. What is the biggest city of the Ural region?
2. When was Moscow founded?
3. What five ancient Russian’s cities are included into the Golden Ring?
4. Why did the Russian people call Smolensk the “key city” during the war of
5. What is the original name of the city founded on the Neva banks by Peter the
“Famous people”
1. Who made the tour around the Earth that lasted 108 minutes?
2. What is the best known work by A. Pushkin?
3. What marshal was four times awarded with the title “ the Hero of the
4. Who founded Moscow University?
5. What famous ballets of Peter Tchaikovsky can you name?
1. What holiday do the Russian people celebrate on the 9
of May?
2. When do the Russian people celebrate
Country Defendant’s Day?
3. What holiday do the Russian people have on
the 12 of December?
4. What holiday marks the end of winter and
lasts for 3 weeks?
5. What holiday is celebrated with present-
giving by Father Frost, decorating New Year tree and joyful parties?
Teacher: Children our game is finished.
Thank you very much.