Конспект урока "Pollution of water bodies" 5 класс

Конспект урока по английскому языку для обучающихся 5 класса
Pollution of water bodies
Антипенкова Анна Юрьевна
Main aim:
developing an informed understanding of the importance of water in nature and in
human life
1) to form an idea about the importance of water to humans and other living
2) Forming value attitude to water as a necessary factor of life on Earth; the
diversity of sources of drinking water.
3) Forming knowledge of the rules of ecologically correct and safe behavior on
water bodies;
1) to Develop the ability to establish the relationship between man and nature;
2) Develop the mindset of younger students, it students the ability to analyze,
3) to develop the ability to work together, the ability to help each other;
to educate careful attitude to drinking water, the desire to maintain the beauty and
cleanliness of local waterways.
Teacher: I Dare you to report:
Without water we can not live.
Today in class we will continue talking about water. The theme of the lesson "Save
the water"
It turns out that water is in danger. Why?
The purity of the water on Earth is getting smaller, and the need for it increases.
-In what three States is water found in nature?
- Under what conditions the ice forms? Why it melts?
- How is steam? When steam turns into liquid water?
- How does the water cycle in nature?
III. Main part
1. Conversation on the topic "Why water should be protected".
The rapid development of industry in the early twentieth century led to significant
water pollution. And what we need water?
Water on Earth simultaneously a long and a short. It is a lot in the seas and oceans,
but the sea salt water not suitable for drinking as well as for many technical
industries and agriculture. Fresh water is significantly less and a third of the
population were in acute shortage. The main reserves of fresh water are
concentrated in polar ice. Limited supplies of fresh water are reduced even more
due to their pollution.
In the last century in addition to natural contamination of natural sources by soil,
rocks, minerals, etc. there is a problem of municipal, industrial, agricultural water
2. The story reading B. A. Ryzhov "Once there was a river."
Once there was a river. At first she was a happy little brook which was hiding
among the tall slender fir-trees and white-trunked birches. And everybody said,
"how sweet, how pure the water in this Creek!" Then the stream became a river.
The water in it flowed not so fast, but was still clear and clean.
The river loved traveling. One day she found herself in the city. Here not growing
spruce and birch, but there were huge houses in which people lived. A lot of people.
They were glad the river and asked her to stay in the city. River agreed, and it was
put in stone Bank. It started going steamers and boats on the shores of sunbathing
people. The river watered the entire city.
The years went by. People are used to the River and what did not ask, and did
whatever they pleased. Once on its banks he built a huge plant of the pipes which
drip filthy streams. Darkened the River of sorrows, became dirty and muddy.
Nobody said: "What a pure, beautiful river!" No one walked on its banks. It
washed the car, washed linen. And none of the residents did not think that the
River is also alive. And she was very worried. "Why are people mean to me? In
fact I have them watered, twisted turbine power plants, gave an light, protected on
hot days from the heat?" she thought.
As time went on. People are increasingly polluting the River, and she was patient
and when they finally come to their senses. Once on the river floated a large tanker,
from which the water spilled a lot of oil. The River was covered with black tape,
steel its inhabitants - plants and animals suffocate without air. Very sick River.
"No - I think - can't stay with people. Need to get away from them, otherwise I will
be dead by the river." She called on the help of its inhabitants. "I was always your
home, and now trouble has come, your house was destroyed by the people, and I
got sick. Help me to recover, and we will go from here to other places, away from
ungrateful people."
Gathered river inhabitants - plants, fish, and snails, and animals - clean your house
from dirt, cured of the River. And she ran to the edge of his childhood. There,
where there were spruce and birch, where man is a rare guest.
And the residents of the city the next day found that left alone, without a River.
Did not light in the homes, factories stopped, the water was gone from the taps ...
Nothing to wash, nothing to drink, not soup. Stopped life in the city. Its inhabitants
became so dirty that got to know each other. However, it did not matter anyway in
the evening there was no light.
Then came the day when the citizens had eaten all their supplies of food. Then the
oldest and wisest Citizen said: "Dear compatriots! I know why we lost the River.
When I was little, I bathed in its clean water. She was always our friend and helper,
and we didn't appreciate it and treated her badly. We unfairly hurt the River and
have to ask for her forgiveness. I propose to go to distant lands to pay homage to
our nurse. You should apologize to her and promise his friendship. Maybe then
she'll come back".
Went the strong and hardy citizens to seek the River. Long sought and found, but
not immediately recognized, because it was clean and clear. Asked people the
River to get back to the city, and told how bad things are without her, promised his
care. The river was kind and did not remember evil. Besides, she began to miss
people, which over the years has used in the city.
Returned the River to the city to help its inhabitants. But they have removed all the
garbage, cleaned the sewage plant, and even dedicated scientists to monitor the
health and well-being of the River. Since then in this city, people and River live
And recently, the River was made the honorary citizen of the city, and the Day of
her return is celebrated as the main festival.
3. Reading the slides of presentation.
4. Discussion of the tale combining with the material in presentation
- Describe the river, as it was before I met people. Have you seen a river?
-How the river helped people?
- How people treat the river? As you consider whether she was acting or not? Why?
- What happened to the town inhabitants when the river disapeared?
- Imagine that all the rivers would be offended at people and left. What would
happen to them? Could we live without them?
- Compare the river to what it was before I meet with people, and what became
after. What changes happened to her?
Whether people did at the end of the story? What else they could do for your rivers,
lakes that are near you?
- As people of our village are rivers - as well as people from tales or otherwise?
Bottom line: do Not contaminate water. From water pollution affects all living.
VI. The results of the lesson
- What do you know about the importance of water for people?
- Why polluted water in rivers, lakes, seas?
- What are the dangers of water pollution?
- How do people protect the water from contamination?
- Let's read the conclusion of the tutorial.
- Water pollution is dangerous to all living things. To protect water bodies from
pollution, wastewater enterprises, farms passed through treatment facilities.
Constructed and such enterprises where there are no sewage. Everyone should save
Kids paint signs bans and hang on stand in the class.