Тест "Прошедшее продолженное время" 7 класс

Test yourself
! Complete the sentences with the right form of the verbs in brackets:
1. The children (write) their compositions when the teacher (come).
2. While I (sit) there, it (begin) to rain, so I (run) home
3. Jack’s father (read) a book, when he (hear) something outside the house.
4. When my sister and I (close)the window we (see) a strange man.
5. When I (go) out this morning, the sun (shine) and the birds (sing).
2. Write the questions to the answers:
1. __________? I was watching TV, when the phone rang.
2. __________? Dad was playing chess at this time.
3. __________? Yes, my sister was reading a book.
4. __________? My aunt was cooking dinner for us.
3. Open the brackets. Put the verbs into the correct form.
1. It usually (take) her 20 minutes to wash up.
2. It (take) me one hour to translate the text yesterday evening.
3. It (take) him several hours to learn new words tomorrow evening.
4. How long it (take) you to fly to New York last summer?
5. How long it (take)your Mum to make a cake for birthday tomorrow?
6. How long it (take) Liz to get to the shopping centre?
4. Translate:
1. Дети разговаривали, когда учитель задал вопрос.
2. Соседи спали, когда вор ограбил их дом.
3. Сколько времени тебе требуется, чтобы добраться от дома до школы?
4. Не могли бы вы ответить на мой вопрос?
5. Короче говоря, позвольте мне рассказать, что случилось в конце.