Конспект урока "Англия. Шотландия. Уэльс" 6 класс

Тема: Англия. Шотландия. Уэльс
Цель: Обобщить изученный материал по теме “Великобритания”
Задачи урока:
Обучающая - обучение навыкам говорения по теме “Великобритания”, формирование
лексических навыков, обучение аудированию.
Практическая - формирование речевой компетенции-совершенствование коммуникативных
умений в четырех основных видах речевой деятельности.
Воспитательная - воспитывать уважение к культуре, истории, традициям страны, изучаемого
Развивающая - развитие социокультурной компетенции увеличение объема знаний о
специфике страны изучаемого языка, развитие памяти и речевых навыков по теме, развитие
речемыслительной деятельности, расширение кругозора обучающихся.
Оборудование урока:
Надписи «Англия», «Шотландия», «Уэльс», карта Британских островов, презентации «Районы
Англии», «Шотландия», «Уэльс», запись песни “My Bonnie, распечатки заданий для групп;
интерактивный плакат «Достопримечательности Англии», физкультминутка для глаз.
Ход урока
I. Оргмомент.
1. - Good morning, boys and girls. I’m very glad to see you.
- We are glad to see you too.
- Sit down, please.
- Who is on duty today?
- What date is it today?
- What day of the week is it today?
- Who is absent today?
- Today we are going on an imaginary journey to the parts of Great Britain: England, Scotland and
Wales. You’ve already learned some facts about them and prepared the projects on these countries.
The first group of pupils will tell us about England, the second about Scotland and the third group will
tell us about Wales. You’ll listen to each other and I’m sure you’ll learn more about these lands.
II. Речевая зарядка.
- But first of all I would like you to sing a Scottish song “My Bonnie” (1 куплет) (поют все вместе)
My Bonny Is Over The Ocean
My Bonny is over the ocean,
My Bonny is over the sea,
My Bonny is over the ocean,
O bring back my Bonny to me!
Bring back, bring back,
O bring back my Bonny to me, to me;
Bring back, bring back,
O bring back my Bonny to me.
III. Защита проектных работ. Закрепление страноведческого материала.
- What countries does Great Britain consist of? Can you show them on the map?
- Yes, you are right. GB consists of England, Scotland and Wales. Now let’s speak about England.
You know that England consists of 5 regions: the Southeast, the Southwest, East Anglia, the Midlands,
the North of England.
(Bо время рассказа идёт слайдовая презентация, подготовленная учениками) (Информация из
стр.105-106 учебника)
P1 The Southeast is a highly populated region of England. London, the capital of the UK, and such
historical cities as Windsor, Dover and Brighton are situated here. When people travel to Britain by sea
or air they usually arrive in the Southeast, for this is where the main passenger ports and airports are.
Heathrow airport, one of the world’s busiest airports is about 33 km west of central London. The
County of Kent situated here is known as the garden of England.
P2 The Southwest is the region where the main activity is farming. The Southwest used to be known
for its pirates. The romantic past makes it a popular place for artists, writers and holidaymakers. The
two principal cities of the region are Bristol and Bath. If you want to see the famous Stonehenge you
should also come here. The most westerly point of Great Britain “Land’s End” are situated in the
P3 East Anglia is very flat and it’s another farming region. It has beautiful cities such as Cambridge,
with fine historic buildings. Oliver Cromwell, an English general and politician, who later became
Lord Protector of England was born in the Fens area. East Anglia is isolated from the rest of Britain
because of its position away from the main national roads and because of its shape: it is more than half
surrounded by the sea.
P4 The Midlands, known as the heart of England, is the largest industrial part in the country. The
most important industrial cities are Manchester, Sheffield, Liverpool, which is one of Britain’s big
ports, and Birmingham. Stratford upon-Avon is the birthplace of great William Shakespeare and
Oxford is famous for its university.
P5 The North of England has some of the wildest and loneliest parts of the country, but also some of
the busiest industrial cities. Here you can find deep valleys, rivers and waterfalls, hills and mountains.
This region is rich in coal. The main attraction of the North of England is the Lake District. Many
tourists come over especially to look at the ruins of Hadrian’s wall.
- Thank you very much. And what places of interest would you like to visit in England? Let us see
how well you know the sights. Let’s listen to the text and give names to the sights on the screen.
(Аудирование по интерактивному плакату)
- I have got questions for the first and the second groups. The first group will listen to their answers
and will check them up. You may open your books on page 105.
1. What historical cities are situated in the Southeast? (Windsor, Dover, Brighton)
2. Where is the famous Stonehenge situated? (in the southwest)
3. Where was Oliver Cromwell from? (East Anglia)
4. What are the most important industrial cities in England? (Manchester, Sheffield, Liverpool,
5. What is the main attraction of the North of England? (Lake District)
- Let’s listen to the second group. We are going on a journey to Scotland.
(Bо время рассказа идёт слайдовая презентация, подготовленная учениками) (Информация из
стр.179-182 учебника)
P1Scotland is a country in the United Kingdom to the north of England. Its symbol is a thistle, its
patron saint is St. Andrew. The country is divided into Highlands and Lowlands. Glasgow is its largest
and busiest town, Edinburgh is its capital. Glasgow is the heart of industry. It is a centre of business
and trade. Edinburgh is rather cold but attractive, very proud but friendly and had a great past.
P2 The most interesting parts of the city are the Old Town and the New Town.
The Old Town lies between the Castle and Holyrood Palace. The Castle is older than the city. No one
can say exactly when the first settlers came to live on the huge rock that stands high above Edinburgh.
Later they built a castle that used to be a fortress and then a royal palace.
P3 The Edinburgh military tattoo takes place every August and September and is known throughout
the world. 600 people perform in the square in front of the Castle. The performers play military music.
At the same time as the tattoo, you can go to the famous Edinburgh festival.
P4 One of the most modest and yet one of the best known monuments in Edinburgh is a monument to
a dog called Bobby. The dog belonged to Joan Gray. When he died Bobby lived near his grave for
twenty-six years. Princes street is the most beautiful street of the New Town. It is connected with the
name of the famous writer, Sir Walter Scott.
- I think you are tired. Lets have a rest. (Физкультминутка для глаз)
- Thank you. Now let’s complete the missing words in the blank.
Сomplete the missing words in the blank:
1. Holyrood House
2. the Castle
3. the Edinburgh Military Tatoo
4.Princes Street
5.the Cannongate
7.Scott Monument
8.the Old Town and the New Town
1. the two most interesting parts of the city are
2. … hangs over the city like some Disney
cartoon but it is real.
3. The takes place every August and
September and is known throughout the world.
4. is a big royal palace which is residence
of the Queen when she is in Edinburgh.
5. The most picturesque part of the Royal Mile
is …
6. The monument to a dog called has
become a symbol of devotion.
7. is the most beautiful street and the most
popular shopping centre.
8. … is a poem of stone.
Exchange your sheets of paper and let’s check up the test together.
- Let’s listen to the third group. We are going on a journey to Wales.
(Bо время рассказа идёт слайдовая презентация, подготовленная учениками) (Информация из
стр.197-200 учебника)
P1. The Welsh speak English. The welsh language is spoken widely, especially in the north of the
country and it is still the first language for many people. English is taught side by side with Welsh in
schools. Welsh is one of the Celtic languages. Even if your English is fluent you won’t be able to
understand Welsh.
P2. Wales is agricultural, there are few cities there, rather small and unimportant. Cardiff is the capital
and the main port. Cardiff is an industrial city, which also has a castle, a cathedral, a university. There
are other big towns in Wales too, Swansea and Newport among them.
P3. Wales has high mountains, including Snowdon, the second highest mountain in Britain. Wales is a
land of green fields, forests and farms. It is also a land of mountains and valleys, streams and
waterfalls. In North Wales you can follow mountain paths for miles and miles.
P4. I’ll tell you a few words about Mount Snowdon. In summer, when the sun is shining, Snowdon
looks very peaceful and beautiful. But in winter the mountains can become very dangerous. Every year
climbers get lost in bad weather or fall and injure themselves. When this happens, the Mountain
Rescue Service has to go out to look for the climbers.
(Рассказ сопровождается слайдовой презентацией.)
- We’ll answer the questions in exercise 7 on page 270. You can use the dialogue from exercise on
page 197-200.
IV. Итоги урока.
- Thank you for the lesson children, you were very creative and artistic, your projects were really very
informative and interesting. I’ll give you only good marks.
V. Домашнее задание.
Упр.7 стр.269