Конспект урока "Оптические иллюзии" 9 класс

Урок английского языка по теме «Оптические иллюзии» 9 класс
Учитель: Склярова М.Г.
Warming-up activities
T: Hello, ladies and gentlemen! Glad to see you! Take your seats!
I’m glad to meet you at our scientific psychological conference! (слайд 1 Welcome to our
Scientific Psychological Conference!)
1. Мотивирование к учебной деятельности и целеполагание (картинки на слайдах)
T: Dear quests of our conference, please look at the screen:
(слайд 2 Эйнштейн Монро) Will you come to me? Whom do you see in the picture?
S: It’s a man.
T: You are right. It’s a great physicist Albert Einstein. Now stay there and look at the picture!
Who is this? Marilyn Monroe. Yes! What a trick!
S: Look here again: (слайд 3 - разноцветные слова) You see colourful Russian words. I’ll
ask somebody of you to name these words in English.
T: Thank you! Was it difficult?
S: Come here my dear! (слайд 4, 5 лошадь-лягушка) What can you see? (a horse). Are
you sure? Is he/she right? And now?
And have you ever seen such a moon? (слайд 6 луна).
According to our talk can you name the topic of our conference?
And the tasks are: (слайд 8-9)
- To revise the words.
- To explore the examples of optical illusions.
- To give a definition of optical illusion.
- To find out the reasons of optical illusions.
- To make a report on optical illusions.
But what’s the matter? They are misplaced! Let’s put them in the order!
So our agenda is:
2. Этап актуализации и пробного учебного действия
1) I suggest you working with words. Look at the screen again. (только английские слова).
(слайд 10) Take card №1find the translation and write down the Russian words: You may
work in pairs. Lets check up! (один читает с переводом, потом за мной хором)
(Card №1)
1. Complicated
Сложный для понимания
Повестка дня
Оптическая иллюзия
Видимый объект
Железнодорожный путь
2. Image
3. Agenda
4. Explore
5. Definition
6. Individual
7. Optical illusion
8. Play tricks on
9. Process
10. Series
11. Take in
12. Train track
Утратить представление о
13. Assumption
14. Brain
15. Imagination
16. Lose touch with
17. Mind
18. Reflection
19. Find out
20. Impression
21. Visible object
2) Let’s see if you can use these words properly. Open your textbooks on p. 48 and do ex. 3.
(читают правильные ответы).
3) Good of you! Let’s turn back to our optical illusions.
We’ll do ex. 1 p. 48. Read the task. (слайд 11-12 старики)
3. Этап выявление места и причины затруднения
What is an optical illusion and why does it take place? Can you make assumption?
Optical Illusion is the impression of a visible object not as in reality when our eyes or our
brain can make a mistake. (слайд 13 + рельсы)
4. Этап открытия нового знания
What are the reasons of optical illusions - is our next question. We can find the answer in the
text: ex. 2a p. 48. Read task a): But you see the text is not completed. Let’s do task b).
If you are ready let’s listen and check! (1D, 2F, 3A, 4B, 5E).
Good of you. Now take card №2. Fill in the table, please: It will help you to make a report.
(Card №2)
What is optical
What are the reasons?
What examples do
you know?
What can OI teach
5. Первичное закрепление с проговариванием во внешней речи
We are looking forward to listening to your reports about optical illusions.
6. Диагностика
Dear friends! Thank you for your reports! I should say that our conference has come to an end.
It was of great success and importance because we have solved all our tasks: (слайд 14) We
know what is OI and the reasons of it. Do you agree with me?
I want you to discuss our results. Take card № 3, write down your name and mark your
Card № 3
Name _____________
Your mark
1 2 3 4 5
1 2 3 4 5
1 2 3 4 5
1 2 3 4 5
1 2 3 4 5
1 2 3 4 5
7. Этап информации о домашнем задании (Слайд 15)
As for your homework: all of the students will do ex. 1, 4 p. in your workbook.
Words 3 - to learn
And I wish you to find more interesting examples of optical illusions.
All of you tried to do your best at the lesson. ___, ___ and ___ get a 5, ___ gets a 4…
Thank you for your work. Our lesson is over. Good bye.