Презентация "The heart of Moscow"

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  • The heart of Moscow
  • The Kremlin is a great complex of museums and
  • the President's residence.
  • The Senate building
  • was created by the
  • architect Mikhail Kazakov
  • according to the order of Catherine the Great.
  • The Kremlin
The Kremlin
  • The Kremlin is surrounded by the wall, which is famous for its glorious towers. The Kremlin wall includes 19 towers.
  • The Saviour Tower is the most famous of them.
The Kremlin
  • The Saviour Tower (originally Frolovskaya) with a gateway was built in 1491 by the architect Pietra Antonio Solari. It is the main, official entrance to the Kremlin.
  • The famous Kremlin chimes are installed
  • on the Saviour Tower.
The Kremlin
  • The Kutafya Tower is the twentieth tower of the Kremlin. But it is the only tower that is situated apart from the Kremlin wall.
  • The Kutafya Tower is the main entrance to Alexander Garden, which strenches along the west wall of the Moscow Kremlin.
The Kremlin
  • The central part of the Kremlin is Cathedral (Sobornay) Square. All Moscow streets came across here in the 15th century.
The Kremlin
  • The Terem Palace is the most picturesque part of the Kremlin (built in 1487)
The Kremlin
  • The Tsar Cannon was made in 1586. It was cast in bronze by Andrey Chokhov. It weighs about 39 tonnes and has a length of 5.34 metres.
  • The Tsar Bell was cast in bronze in 1733-35. The largest metal bell in the world was created by the Russian masters Ivan and Mikhail Motorin. It is more than 6 metres high and weighs about 200 tonnes.
  • The Kremlin
  • Armoure Chamber is one of the oldest museums of Moscow. Visitors can see the unique collection of decorative and applied art here: jewelry, armour, carriages, and so on.
The Kremlin
  • The Kremlin is the most ancient and impressive part of Moscow. Different historical epochs are reflected here. To see the Kremlin is … to understand Moscow.
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