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Презентация "Plants and Flowers"

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“Plants and Flowers”

“Plants and Flowers”

ACTIVE VOCABULARY bouquet [ 'bukeι] n букет vibrant [ 'vaιbrәnt] a (зд.) броский, яркий lily [' lιlι] n лилия iris [ 'aιәrιs] n ирис chrysanthemum [krι'sænθәmәm] n хризантема tulip [ 'tju:lιp] n тюльпан foliage [ 'foulιdζ] n листва

bunch [bΛnt∫] n букет combine [ 'kכmbaιn] v 1) объединять(ся) 2) комбинировать, сочетать(ся),смешивать(ся) bowl [bәul] n ваза для цветов eucalyptus [ֽju:kә'lιptәs] n (pl –ses [-sιz], -ti) эвкалипт arrangement [ә'reιndζmәnt] n расположение, аранжировка      

1. Practise the pronunciation of the following words: bouquet, popular, chrysanthemum, Australia, foliage, arrangement, eucalyptus, expensive, occasion, vibrant, bunch, tulip, iris, lily, daffodil

2. Give Russian equivalents to the following words and word combinations from the text: to seem, the lilies are now being combined with old favourites like the Irish and Chrysanthemum, to put together in baskets, bowls and bouquets, green foliage, to break up the color, the type of flower arrangement, hand-held, a variety of flowers, for special occasions, a special day, to buy a bunch of daffodils, a sign of respect

3. Find in text English equivalents to the following words and word combinations: зеленая листва, быть популярным, самый популярный вид аранжировки цветов, сделанный руками, в букете, посылать цветы по особому случаю, в этот день, букет нарциссов, доходы от продажи

4. Find in text synonyms to the following words and word combinations: to mix, for special event, a token of respect, all returns, to break up the tint

5. Find in the text antonyms to the following words and word combinations: pale flowers, cheap, to sell, to take away the leaves, a sign of insult

6. Fill in the blanks with suitable words from the active vocabulary: 1) I like to put together the beautiful flowers in … . 2) Yesterday my mother had her birthday. She got many bright and … flowers. 3) A … is a colourful flowers that is shaped like a cup. 4) A … is a large flower in the shape of a bell. 5) A … is a tall, usually purple, flower. 6) The leaves of a plant or tree are called … .7) A ceremony in which two people get married is called … .8) … is a tall yellow flower that grows in spring in our country. 9) She has worked hard to gain the … of her colleagues. 10) He died of lung …