Презентация "Present Сontinuous"

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Презентацию выполнила Мамедова Севда Адалят кызы учитель английского языка ГБОУ Школа №1929

Present Continuous Tense

Present Continuous употребляется когда речь идет о

действиях, происходящих сейчас, в момент речи.

Указатели времени (сигналы), употребляемые с

Present Continuous: now, at the moment и др.

Утвердительная форма

Present Continious образуется при помощи

вспомогательного глагола to be (am,is,are) и

смыслового глагола с окончанием –ing.

We are playing a game.

Отрицательная форма

Отрицательные предложения образуются при

помощи отрицательной формы глагола to be

(am not, is not/isn’t ,are not/aren’t)и смыслового

глагола с окончанием –ing.

They are not playing.

Вопросительная форма

Вопросительные предложения образуются при

помощи нужной формы глагола to be (am, is, are)+

подлежащее+ смысловой глагол с окончанием –ing.

Are they playing a game?

What are the people

in the pictures doing?

Read and correct

She is jumping.

She is skipping.

They are playing


He is playing the


They are reading a book.

She is sleeping.

She is singing a song.

She is cooking.

Now answer the questions

Is she watching tv ?

Is she driving a car ?

Is she teaching ?

Is he reading ?

Is she drinking milk ?

Are they running ?

Are they dancing ?

Is she riding a bike ?

задание 1


And choose

1. Sue… the cats in the garden.

A) are watching B) is watching

2. Listen! Tom … the piano.

  • is playing B) are playing

3. What…? Is it an orange?

A) you are eating B) are you eating

4. Look, Mum! I… my face!

A) ’m painting B) painting

5. Where’s Sandra? ...trees again?

  • She is climbing B) Is she climbing

6. The children…! They’re playing!

A) aren’t swimming B) isn’t swimming



1. Cathy is making/ painting a sandcastle.

2. Is Lisa painting/ doing a picture?

3. Are you making / having a good time?

4. We are having / playing a game.

5. Look at them! They are climbing/sleeping a tree.

6. Is Paul eating/having an apple?

7. I’m watching/ singing TV in the living


8. Is John dancing/ driving his car?

Задание 3.

Put the verbs in brackets into

the present simple or the

Present continuous

1.John is in his room. He…..(listen)

to music.

2.Daniel….. (go) surfing every Sunday.

3…..(it/not rain) at the moment.

4…...(you/speak) English?

5.Tom…..(play) the piano when he wants to relax.

6. I…..(wait) for Nina right now.

7. Sam and Jane….. (not ride) their

bikes to school every day.

8. Once a week we…..(have) dinner

at a restaurant.

9.What’s the matter? Why …..


10. I always…..(have) a glass of milk

before I go to bed.

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