Конспект урока "Школьная жизнь" 5 класс скачать бесплатно

Конспект урока "Школьная жизнь" 5 класс

Открытый урок в 5 классе по теме «Школьная жизнь»
Тип урока: Обобщающий
Цель урока: Систематизировать знания учащихся по теме Школьная
жизнь”; выработка ЗУНов в области устной и письменной речи по теме.
Задачи урока:
повторение и закрепление лексического и грамматического материала по
теме «Школьная жизнь»
актуализация грамматических навыков на материале времен группы Simple
(Present Simple, Past Simple, Future Simple), а так же работа с вопросами.
- приобретение практических навыков при работе с диалогами и монологами.
продолжать развивать умение общаться на иностранном языке;
строить высказывания по образцу и самостоятельно.
прививать любовь и интерес к иностранному языку;
воспитывать умение работать в парах, группах, самостоятельно.
Оснащение урока:
Учебник: Enjoy English 5” Биболетова М.З., рабочая тетрадь.
Организационный момент:
1) Приветствие: Good morning boys and girls! I’m glad to see you. How
are you? Today we have unusual lesson. We have guests in our lesson. I am
sure that you will show all your knowledge to them. Today we shall speak
about your school and school life.
2) Речевая зарядка
First of all let’s train our tongues. Here you can see a good proverb.
Repeat after me this proverb all together. Thank you. Now read it please,
thank you. Do you like this proverb? What other proverbs about studying do
you know?
Now read and translate some words please. (slide3,4)
3) Listening (Аудирование)
You know, today I’ve got a letter. Let’s listen to it. Listen attentively, please.
“ Hi! My name is Mike. I am 10 years old. My hobby is computing. Also I
like reading books.
I am a student of the 5
form. I go to a private school in Dover, Kent. In
private schools we must wear uniforms. We have a lot of different subjects.
We study Maths, Science, Spanish, German, History, Information Technology
and many others. My favorite subjects are IT, British history, and PE. When I
finish school I want to be a programmer.
Welcome to visit our school in Dover.
Good bye!
Your friend,
Mike Brown.”
Is it clear to you? Did you understand the letter? Well, now let’s listen to it once
Now let’s answer some question according to this text (slide 5)
1) What is his name?
2) How old is he?
3) What are his hobbies?
4) What form is he in?
5) He goes to the private school, doesn’t he?
6) Is his school in Kent or in London?
7) Do they wear uniforms to school?
8) What subjects does he have at school?
9) What are his favorite subjects?
10)Whom would he like to be?
4) And now tell me please about you, about your favorite subjects, about
your school life. (monologues)- checking the home task.
Very good, thank you. Well, today we have a guest. (на доске рисунок или слайд
на экране). His name is Neznaika. (“Know- nothing boy”) he wants to know about
your school life too. But the trouble is that he caught a cold yesterday and can’t
speak. Can you read his questions?
5) What can you tell him about your school life? (slide 5)
1. Do you go to school?
2. Do you wear a school uniform?
3. What form are you in?
4. How many subjects a day do you have?
5. What lessons do you have today?
6. When does your first lesson begin?
7. How long does every lesson last?
8. What marks do you usually get?
9. How long does every lesson last?
10. Have you got a lunch time?
11. How long is it?
12. When does your last class end?
13. Do you have any extracurricular activities at school?
14. What activities do you have?
15. Would you like to visit a British school?
Thank you, boys and girls. Your answers are good.
6) And now what can you tell our guests about your school subjects. Describe
them, please. (a poem)
Thank you! That was very good! I see you are tired - let’s relax!
Now let’s listen the dialog between two pupils from different countries. One
pupil is from Russia and another is from British school.
- Hello, Jane! How are you?
- I’m fine, thank you?
- Me too, thank you. What form are you in?
- I’m in the 5
form and you?
- I’m in the 5
form too. Do you wear a school uniform?
- Yes, I do because I go to a private school and you?
- All students must wear a school uniform I our school.
- Do you like your school uniform?
- Yes, it is a traditional school uniform. Tell me please-how many lessons
a day do you have?
- We usually have 5 or 6 lessons a day. What foreign languages do you
- We study German and Spanish. And you?
- And we study English.
- You speak English very good.
- Thank you, buy!
- See you, buy!
7) Now look at the screen please and do some grammar exercises. (slide 6)
8) Grammar test. а листочках делают грамматический тест – затем на
экране высвечиваются ответы, дети обмениваются работами и
проверяют друг друга. Работы сдают учителю.)
9) Reading. Если остается время, можно почитать текст в учебнике.
10) The lesson is over. (Giving marks) Now open your diaries and write
down the home task. Thank you for the lesson. See you later, Good- buy!