Конспект урока "Carol’s kitchen" 5 класс

Outline of the lesson plan
Date: 10.02.2015
Subject: English
From: 5
Theme: Carol’s kitchen.
The aims of the lesson:
Educational: Recycling the Present Simple, the language function, the grammar
structure “Are there” & “Is there” & new theme Carol’s kitchen.
New vocabulary connected with the topic of the lesson.
Developing: To develop pupils' speech habits, through reading, speaking, listening
and writing.
Upbringing: to bring up pupils’ to clean their home & help their partners to tidy their
Communicative: to teach pupils' listening, reading, writing, speaking & practice.
Talking about their kitchen
Form of the lesson: non-traditional lesson
Type of the lesson: mixed
Methods of the lesson: explanation, demonstration, exercises
Visual aids: interactive board, flashcards, posters
Inter subject connection: Kazakh
Literature: English from 5 A.T. Ayapova, internet
The procedure of the lesson.
1. Organization moment:
- Good morning, children! Sit down please!
- How are you today? Are you ready for the today’s lesson? O’K, I’m glad
to see you today in my lesson!
2. Previewing:
- Today we learn new words that connected with kitchen. I think it will be
very interesting for you to know how named the things that you used in
everyday life.
3. Brainstorming activity:
- Now you see the cards on my table, come and take one for everybody.
(Every card is different colours and has a task in it. Then I tell them
divide into groups with colous of these cards)
- Tasks:
For red cards: Translate into English.
1. Тұрғын бөлмеде диван бар.
2. Біздің сыныпта үш терезе бар.
3. Қабырғада сурет бар.
4. Тұрғын бөлмеде үсте бар.
For blue cards:
Make up interrogative sentences.
1. There is a calendar on the wall.
2. There are two armchairs in the living room.
3. There are 4 rooms in my flat
4. There is carpet on the floor.
For yellow cards:
Make up a negative for the following sentence: (-)
1. There is a television in the living room.
2. There is a sofa in the living room.
3. There are plants in the living room.
4. There are books in the living room.
4. Presentation:
Memory Quiz.
- I show the picture of the living room, you have to remember the things
and write them down. What group has more words than others they’ll
win. (1min)
- Then one of the pupils goes to the blackboard and writes the words on it,
by turn.
- Today we talk about kitchen. And learn new words. Now open your
vocabulary and write new words.
Cooker sink fridge spoon teapot
Dishwasher radio cupboard fork pan
Washing machine cup plate knife kettle
5. Work with book:
What do you know about this mark? What does it mean?
Yes it is possessive case. Give me examples:
Омардың үйі, Колинниң анасы, Беннің досы, анамның көйлегі,
әпкемнің компьютері.
Ex: 6p.121. Read and make up questions:
- Is there a radio in the kitchen?
- Yes, there is.
- Is there chair in the kitchen?
- No there is not.
6. Work in groups of 3or 4.
- Now we try to make up our own text about kitchen. I give you card you
have to describe it.
7. Feed -back: Picture tests for every pupil.
8. Reflection:
- Do you like today’s lesson? Why?
- What was interesting for you?
9. Giving home task: “My kitchen”
10. Giving marks: first every speaker give marks for every group mates then
teacher give mark for every group.