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What is your home-town like?

Козачёк Алла Ивановна,

Учитель английского языка

МБОУ СОШ № 20 г. Владивостока

Russian stronghold outpost

On July 2nd 1860 the first settlers landed here and estab­lished military post to defend Russia from its East side.

In 2012 Vladivostok became the place where the summit to be held of the countries involved in Asian-Pa­cific economical cooperation (APEC). Russian government assigned huge assets for the construction works

The gate of Russia to Asian-Pacific countries.


As for Vladivostok architecture, there are eclectic styles; it seems to be incompatible in styles and tradi­tions to cultures of West and East.

Vladivostok fortress is

an unique masterpiece of military construction.

103 buildings are the monuments of great national importance. Still locat­ed in the centre of town forts, caponniers, underway tunnels, casemates, fortifications make great impressions on tourists.

Twelve or­thodox churches embellish the town and suburbs by its gold domes. Be­sides this, there is The St. Paul Lutheran church, St. Madonna Polish Roman-Catholic church, Marfo-Mariinskaya women mon­astery, shrines and temples of other religious cults.

Abundance of Vladivostok educa­tional centers impresses very much: 13 Universities, and several Moscow universities' branches, giving educa­tion to more than 60.000 students.


Being in Primorskiy region cent­er during maritime, military holidays and other entertainments becomes more interesting in comparison with working days.




Traveling by ecological routes tourists get knowledge of the won­derful nature of Primorskiy region.

There are unlimited possibilities for fishing en­thusiasts to try their fishing tackles or gears on the sea both in summer and winter.


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