Презентация "Система образования в России и в Англии"

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System of education in Russia and in England Education of Russia
  • Every boy or girl must get secondary education. They go to school at the age of six or seven and must stay there until they are 14-17 years old. At school pupils study academic subjects.
Education of Russia
  • After finishing the 9th form of a secondary school young people can continue their education in the 10th and 11th form. They can also go to a vocation or technical school, where they study academic subjects and receive a profession.
Education in our country is free at most schools.



Junior Schools

Infant schools

Secondary schools

Modern schools

Grammar schools

Comprehensive schools


Independent schools

Preparatory schools

Public schools

Mini-vocabulary infant school-начальная школа для детей от 5 до семи лет junior school-начальная школа для детей от 7 до 11 лет secondary school-средняя школа private school-частные школы state schools-государственные школы comprehensive school-общеобразовательная школа ability-способность System of education in England British boys and girls begin to go to school at the age of 5. Children begin to read and write when they enter the infant schools. They leave infant schools when they are 7 years old. They begin to study at junior schools where they learn to write, to read and to do mathematics.
  • When the pupils enter the junior schools, they have a special test. According to the results of the tests and their intellectual abilities they are divided into three groups. Boys and girls study at junior schools for four years.
  • Then they take their examinations and enter the secondary schools.
  • English boys and girls go to a secondary school from 11 till 16 years old. They don’t go to school on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • One can attend modern schools, but pupils don’t learn foreign languages at such schools.
  • If pupils go to grammar schools they will have a good theoretical secondary education. The other secondary is a comprehensive school .
  • Independent and preparatory schools are private schools too. There are some private schools in England. Boys and girls don’t study together at these schools.
  • It is possible to enter the best English Universities after leaving public schools
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