Сценарий праздника "Mother’s Day"

Сценарий праздника «Mother’s Day»
I. Вступительное слово учителя
II. Стихи
You have learnt a lot of poems.
Let’s listen to you.
P1 … P6
III. Рассказы о маме
I think you love your mothers.
Let’s listen to your stories about your mothers.
P1 … P6 (I’ve got a mother. Her name is …
She is a … She likes to …
She is kind / clever / beautiful)
IV. Сценка «Спящая Катя»
When do you usually get up?
Do you like to go to school?
Let’s find out if Kate likes to go to school or not.
P1 ↔ P2 (разыгрывают сценку)
V. Рассказ «My Day»
I know that you like to go to school speak about your day.
P1, P2
VI. Песня
VII. Обещания
Let’s promise your mother to be very good on this special day.
P - читают обещания
I promise:
to be very, very good
to be the things I should
to make my bed each day
to put my things away
to do my homework right
not to stay up late at night
to listen to my mom and dad
not to do anything bad.
VIII. Подарки
Let’s give presents to our mothers
IX. Игра с мамами
X. Let’s sing a song.
What a happy day today
Boys and girls are very day
They dance and play
What a happy, happy day
I like the way you look
I like the way you cook
Now I want to say:
“Happy mother’s Day”
Each bright flower
Is here to say
My wish for you
Happy Mother’s Day
Mother is busy from morning till night
Keeping her family
Happy and bright
Help your mother to lay the table
With a knife and fork and spoon
Help your mother to lay the table every day afternoon
My dear, dear mother,
I love you very much
I want you to be happy
On the 8
of March
The play
Dear Kate, don’t be late wake up!
It’s seven o’clock sharp.
Oh Mummy dear!
I can hardly hear what you say.
Please let me stay in bed.
I’m a sleep head.
Sleepy Kate!
You are late get up!
It’s eight o’clock sharp.
Oh, Mummy, please, leave me in peace.
My eyes are shut.
I can’t get up.
Lazy Kate! I can’t wait.
Please, get up!
It’s nine o’clock sharp.
It’s Monday today.
What a difficult day!
I’m so stressed and a bit depressed.
And I need some rest to be at my best.
Shameless Kate! Listen what I say!
It’s nearly nine and a quarter.
I’ll bring a bucket of water and
pour it out of pail.
As all my words and action fail.
Don’t! Don’t! Don’t! It’s time to go!