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Questions in English.

English Questions. (5 типов вопросов в английском языке)

Подготовила: Иванова И. В.

Учитель английского языка


Структуры построения вопросов. 1 тип – общий вопрос. (general question)

Make questions

  • We often travel by car.
  • They traveled a lot.
  • Ann was in England.
  • Bob likes apples very much.
  • He is a pupil.

2 тип - специальный вопрос (special question)

Make questions

  • James wanted to see a present. (what)
  • The weather is wonderful. (what)
  • Little children usually sleeps a lot. (why)
  • We go to the museum. (when)

3 тип вопросов – альтернативный (alternative question)

Make questions

  • this pen is red.
  • trees are yellow.
  • you know poem well.
  • he traveled a lot.

4 тип – разделительный вопрос (TAG – QUESTION)

Make questions

  • He plays tennis.
  • They went to school.
  • Ann can sing opera songs.
  • She is running well.

5 тип – вопрос к подлежащему

Make questions

  • I usually come to school early.
  • Ann was born in another town.
  • Shop opened two hoers ago.
  • We are going to the cinema.