Презентация "In the spotlight" 7 класс

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“In the spotlight” CELEBRITIES


J.K. Rowling


Let’s check up your choice. 1. T 2. T 3. F 4. F 5. T 6. F Let’s make a Fame survey.




Everybody wants to be famous.

Famous people have an easy life.

You have to be attractive to be famous.

Famous people are more intelligent than others.

You can be famous without being rich.

Would you like to be famous? Would you like to be successful? You must become successful!

Let’s make a POSTER!

MAKE A POSTER ”5 steps to be successful” Eat healthy food Be hard-working Never give up Get good education Have a dream Get a lot of friends Learn foreign languages Do sports Get computer skills Travel a lot Eat a lot of chocolate Have a happy family Home work Find out what your parents’ opinion about steps to success is. Do you agree with their opinion? Write down and tell us about them next lesson. My Way And now I've lived The end is near A life that's full And so I face I've travelled each The final curtain And every highway My friend And more I'll say it clear Much more than this I'll state my case I did it my way Of which I'm certain


Alors Tout seul Je m'habille très vite Sans bruit Je sors de la chambre Je quitte la maison Comme d'habitude Tout est gris dehors Comme d'habitude Je bois mon café J'ai froid Je suis en retard Je relève mon col Comme d'habitude Comme d'habitude

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