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Презентация "День Благодарения"

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  • Thanksgiving Day

Let’s celebrate!

  • Thanksgiving Day
  • is celebrated on the fourth
  • Thursday in November
  • in America. Families come
  • together from near and far
  • to the feast and feel thank
  • full for all they have.

The Pilgrims

  • The custom began with the
  • Pilgrims in 1621.The Pilgrims
  • were an English religions mino-
  • rity, which didn’t worship the
  • Church of England. They left
  • England on September 16,1620
  • on a small ship called the May-
  • Flower. On November 11,1620
  • they reached North America.

The Help of the Indians

  • The colonists endured a ve-
  • ry hard winter. Many of
  • them died. But with the
  • help of the native Indians
  • they survived. The Indians
  • taught them how to fish,
  • hunt and plant corn.

Thanksgiving Feast

  • After a successful harvest, governor of Bradly decided to
  • hold a special Thanksgiving feast. He invited the Indians.
  • The Indians brought deer meet and the wild turkeys. The
  • original Thanksgiving lasted three days and all food was
  • Prepared by three women.

The Thanksgiving Dinner

  • Traditionally this feast
  • features roast turkey with
  • stuffing, mashed potatoes,
  • gravy, cranberry sauce,
  • pumpkin pie with whipped
  • cream. Usually men sit and
  • watch football games on
  • TV while women are busy
  • in the kitchen.

  • H A P P Y
  • T H A N K S G I V I N G
  • T O A L L!