Презентация "Welcome back to school!!!"

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Welcome back to school!!!

What is your name? – My name is… (I’m…)

How old are you? – I’m…

How are you?

Great, thank you!

Fine, thank you!

Good, thank you!

The same as usual, thank you!

So-so, thank you!

Ok, thank you!

Not bad, thank you!

Very well, thank you!

- Where are you from?

- I’m from Russia.

  • Where do you live?
  • - I live in Perm.


What‘s the weather like today?

Today is sunny.

It is cloudy today.

Today is windy.

It is snowy today.

It is rainy


Today is foggy.

Today is warm\cold.

What is your hobby? What do you like to do?

I’m fond of playing the guitar

My hobby is swimming

I like to play football

I sing songs when I have free time

What is your favourite subject?






My favourite subject is ….

What is your favourite food? What do you like to eat?

I hate milk.

I eat cheese with pleasure.

I like apples.

I don’t like fish.

- Have you got a family?

- Yes, I have.

- Is your family big?

- Yes, it is\No, it isn’t. I have a mother…

My name is Svetlana Borisovna. I’m 24.

I’m a teacher.

I work at school #112 .

I live in Perm.

My favourite subject is English. I don’t like Maths.

I’m fond of reading and sewing. I like to visit interesting places.

I like to try something new.

I eat marrows with pleasure.

I hate honey.

About myself

Scuba diving




About myself

I have a family.

They live in Berezniki.

I have a mother, a father and a brother.

I love them very much.

Sometimes I visit them.

We walk and watch TV together.