Тест "Food and Drink" 8 класс

Test on vocabulary “Food and Drink
1. Underline the correct word in each sentence.
a) The first course/plate consisted of cold fish and salad.
b) That was a really lovely food/meal. Please let me pay for you.
c) I felt so thirsty that I drank two cans/tins of Coca Cola.
d) Nowadays many people buy frozen/iced food instead of fresh food.
e) Could you give me the receipt/recipe for this cake? It’s delicious!
f) This pie is fantastic! It’s really tasty/tasteful.
g) Helen is a really good cook/cooker.
h) Can I have a fork/spoon so I can stir my coffee?
Score __________
2. Complete each phrase with a suitable word from the box
bacon biscuits butter chips fork salt saucer vinegar
a) pepper and _________
b) knife and __________
c) egg and ___________
d) bread and __________
e) fish and ___________
f) oil and _____________
g) cup and ____________
h) tea and _____________
Score ____________
3. Complete the phrase with a suitable word from the box.
bar carton cup glass jar loaf pinch slice
a) a______ of bread or sake
b) a ______of chocolate
c) a ______ of jam
d) a ______ of tea
e) a ______ of bread
f) a _______of water
g) a ______ of salt
h) a _______of milk
Score __________
4. Match each description with the name of a kind of food from the box.
cheese chop grape lamb lettuce onion pie plum
a) Green or purple fruit which grows in bunches. _____________
b) Small vegetable with a strong smell and taste. _______________
c) Plant with large green leaves used in salads. _________________
d) Meat from a young sheep. __________________________
e) Meat, vegetable or fruit baked in pastry. _______________
f) Small sweet fruit with red or yellow skin, and a stone in the centre, _______
g) Solid food made from milk. _______________
h) Piece of pork or lamb with a bone, cut from the ribs of the animal. _______
Score __________
5. Complete each sentence with a or some, or leave the space blank.
a) I’d like _____ chicken, please, a large one for roasting.
b) Could I have _______ bread, please?
c) Do we have time for _____ snack before our bus leaves?
d) Would you like to come to _____lunch with me on Tuesday?
e) There’s _____ milk jug in the cupboard near the fridge.
f) George has decided to go on ____ diet, starting next week.
g) I’m going to have ______ cheese and tomato sandwich.
h) Do you like _________ yoghurt? Personally, I can’t stand it!
Score _________
Total score _________
“5” – 38-40
“4” – 28-37
“3” – 18-27