Тест "The Participle"

The Participle
Variant 1
1.Use the appropriate form of the participle:
1) (to know) that she couldn’t trust Jim, she sent Peter instead.
2) (to finish) his work, he seemed more pleased that usual.
3) The next minute the front door was flung open and he was in the lighted hall (to welcome)
by a short, plump, smiling woman of about forty.
4) His father, (to retire), lived in an unpretentious house.
5) (to confuse) by his joke, she blushed.
6) She said nothing as if deeply (to impress) by me words.
7) (to return) home in the afternoon she became conscious of her mistake.
8) (to satisfy) with what he had achieved, Poirot took leave of his friend.
9) Sir Henry paused and then said, (to glance) down at his watch, “Edward’s arriving by the
10) (to do) all that was required, he was the last to leave the office.
2. Translate the sentences from Russian into English using the appropriate form of the
1) Когда я смотрел этот фильм, я вспоминал своё детство.
2) Моя бабушка, рассказавшая мне эту сказку, живёт в городе.
3) Внимательно прочитав доклад, я нашла в нём несколько ошибок.
4) Она показала мне письмо, написанное в 1941.
5) Услышав шаги, он поднял голову.
6) Я вернулся в дом и услышал, как они смеются.
7) Когда уроки закончились, ребята пошли в парк.
8) Если она поможет нам, мы напишем контрольную работу.
9) Сообщали, что спасатели ведут поиск экспедиции в этом районе.
10) Он думает о ней постоянно, хотя и не показывает это.
The Participle
Variant 2
1, Use the appropriate form of the participle:
1) (to look) out of the window, she saw there was a man working in the garden.
2) (to inform) of their arrival the day before, he was better prepared to meet them than
anyone else.
3) (to close) the door with only the slightest slam, they went out together.
4) (to turn) to the main street, he ran into Donald and Mary (to return) from school.
5) Mr Wrenn (to startle), dropped his hat.
6) (to finish) his toilet, he wrapped himself in a thick overcoat and wound a muffler round
his neck.
7) He couldn’t join his friends (to be) still busy in the laboratory.
8) (to lie) he spoke more quickly than when he told the truth.
9) The carriage was almost full, and (to put) his bag in the rack, he took his seat.
10) (to occupy) by other thoughts, I stopped thinking about Strickland and his affairs.
2. Translate the sentences from Russian into English using the appropriate form of the
1) Она сидела и улыбалась.
2) Постучав дважды, они решили, что дома никого нет.
3) Как вам нравится книга, которую сейчас обсуждают?
4) Женщина, открывшая мне дверь, выглядела очень мило.
5) Приехав в гостиницу, он обнаружил телеграмму, лежащую на столе.
6) Он замолчал на минутку, словно стараясь собраться с мыслями.
7) Полагали, что его отвезли в больницу.
8) «Ты не любишь меня», - сказала Мэри дрожащим голосом.
9) Так как на улице никого не было, она не смогла никого позвать на помощь.
10) Плачущая девочка была голодна.