Конспект урока "Time to get schooled again. Seasons" 9 класс

Конспект урока английского языка по теме “Time to get schooled again.
Урок составлен на основе сингапурских методик обучения.
Предмет: Английский язык
Класс: 9
Цели урока:
1) Обучающая: повторение лексического и грамматического материала.
2) Развивающая: развитие и усовершенствование навыков, обучающихся во
всех видах речевой деятельности.
3) Воспитательная: воспитать интерес к иностранному языку, как к средству
Задачи урока: 1) активизировать лексический словарь во всех видах речевой
деятельности;2) совершенствовать навыки устной речи; 5) развить умение
обучающихся работать самостоятельно, в парах и группах, умение слушать и
понимать друг друга.
Планируемые образовательные результаты:
Личностные: формирование навыков взаимодействия с окружающимися при
работе в паре, группе; формирование культуры поведения.
Метапредметные: формирование организации целеполагания, планирования,
анализа, рефлексии учебной деятельности; формирование навыков
самооценки и взаимооценки; формирование мотивации к изучению
иностранного языка.
Предметные: активизация лексического словаря во всех видах речевой
Технологии, применяемые на уроке: мультимедийные, сотрудничество,
Ход урока:
Учащиеся сидят в группах по 4 человека, на парте “Manage mat
1 Организационный этап
- Good morning, my dear friends! How are you doing? I’m glad to see you. Let’s
greet each other and “high five”. Now say hello to your face partners, then your
shoulder partners. Now we are ready to start! Don’t forget about working with a
partner\in groups rules.
Take the CLOCK BUDDIES papers
1 Stand up and be ready to move around the room (Push your chair to the table)
2 Now you should make an appointment with anybody who is not busy in the same
time. Find such a person, ask him/her if he/she is free (for example at 9) and if so
write his name in the proper place and he/she must write your name in his/her
3 When all the sections are completed you should take your place and high five
4 Rules: If someone asks you to be their buddy and you’re free, you must say yes.
No making faces, no backing away.
Walk and talk quietly as you make your appointments.
5 Today we will make appointments for 9, 12, 3 and 6 o’clock.
Find and make appointments with different partners. If you don’t have a pair
because of the odd number , so be the third partner (high five and say “Here I am
to find a free partner or pair). Be quick.
9 - find a partner who has the same eyes colour as you
12 - someone you don’t usually spend time with after the lessons
3 - someone who listens to the same music as you
6 someone you would take as a partner in a Federal Security Service of the
Russian Federation mission
Make sure you have 9-12-3-6 CLOCK BUDDIES (or pair). Glue the CLOCK
BUDDIES papers to your notebooks we‘ ll use them later.
2) Постановка цели и задач урока. Мотивация учебной деятельности
Look at the statements and say what theme we are going to speak about today?
What should we know \revise to discuss it?
Task: 1 Stand up if you agree with the statement
2 Watch the video and fill in the last column
3 Let’s check
4 Who has 7-6-5-4-3-2-1 identical answers in the columns “before” and “after”?
Task: Correct the wrong statements
3) Актуализация знаний. Применение знаний и умений в новой ситуации
When is your birthday?
Task: 1 Stand up and be ready to move around the room (Push your chair to the
2 Take the right corner to answer to the question
Task: 1 Choose a partner from your group and high five. If you don’t have a pair
because of the odd number , so be the third partner (high five and say “Here I am
to find a free partner or pair). Be quick.
2 Name your date of birth and tell him/her if you like the season you’re born.
Why? What are the advantages and disadvantages to celebrate your birthday in
your season. You have 2 minutes for each partner
3 Now choose a partner from another group and high five
4 Tell him/her the date of your birthday and discuss the same questions. You have
2 minutes for each partner
5 Tell us the information your partner told you about himself
Task: Discuss what holiday is your favourite and why
1) in summer
2) in autumn
3) in winter
4) In spring
You have 1 minute for each round
Task :
Tell about your summer holidays and others will ask you questions.
You have 2 minutes for each partner.
1 Take a paper and divide it into 2 parts
2 Give 1 part to your SHOULDER PARTNER
3 Now divide the paper into 4 parts
4 Say aloud a word associated with “Autumn” then write it on the piece of paper
and put it in the middle of the table.
5 Next partner says aloud his association (but he/she mustn’t repeat the word) then
he/she writes the word on the piece of paper and put it in the middle of the table
again and so on till all the papers will be filled with the associations (16 words
(ONE word on EACH paper)
PARTNERS 3 START. You have 2 minutes
Task: 1 PARTNERS 4 take all 16 papers and turn them over
2 Now choose any 9 papers (you mustn’t see the words)
3 Take the papers, turn them over again and put them on the table like in the TIC
TAC TOE game
Task: Make up and write 4 sentences using 3 words in each line (up-down-across-
diagonal) You may choose any direction. You have 4 minutes for the task
1 Give the paper with your sentences to your face partner
2 Read, check and correct your partner’s sentences (if they needed to be corrected)
3 Read aloud 3 words in the 1st line and then read aloud your partner’s sentence
with the words
4 The next partner does the same with the 1st line and so on
5 After that do the same with the 2nd, 3rd and 4th lines
PARTNER 1 (5) STARTS. You have 4 minutes for the task.
6 Discuss and choose the best sentence for each line from your group. You have 1
7 PARTNER 2 (1) reads it aloud.
1 Every partner should name only 1 word as for the answer.
2 After his/ her answer the others should give a
thumbs-up sign only if they ALSO like the winter
activity (if no, do nothing)
3 PARTNER 3 (2) writes the answers on the paper in the proper section (“1-2-3(4)
everybody” is for the number of people from the group, who gave the answer)
4 Then the next partner answers and the others and the PARTNER 3(2) do the
same again.
5 You should answer one partner after another and write till the time is over.
Be quick. You have 3 minutes for the task and should give as many answers as you
1 Make up your group’s name using 3 words from your notes in the section
“Everybody” (you may change the forms of the words)
2 Make up your group’s motto using all the words from your notes in the section
“Everybody” (you may change the forms of the words and use some others)
3 Present the name and the motto holding your hands.
You have 4 minutes to do the task
Task: Study the information about CINQUAIN
1 Stand up and be ready to move around the room (Push your chair to the table)
2 Take your CLOCK BUDDIES papers and find your 9 o’clock partner
3 Make up a cinquain on the themes “spring” or “words associated with spring”
together. You have 5 minutes for the task
4 Present your cinquains to the class
4) Рефлексия
1 Stand up and be ready to move around the room (Push your chair to the table)
2 Mix around the room while the music is playing.
3 When the music stops , you should make a group according to the number the
teacher asks you in the task
4 When the group of proper number is completed you should join your hands and
put them up and freeze
5 Students out of groups go to the "Lost and Found“ group
6 Then the music starts again and be ready to do it again
Make a group of 5
Make a group of 10
How many seasons do we have?
This is the ordinal number of September in the calendar year.
How many letters are there in the English word “февраль”?
Make a group of people who likes the same winter activities
Make a group of people with the same birthday season
Thank you for the lesson