Презентация урока английского языка "Sport, Olympic Games, Usain Bolt" 7 класс

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Sport, Olympic Games, Usain Bolt урок английского языка, 7 класс УМК «Enjoy English» Авторы: Мартынова Валентина Александровна, учитель английского языка, Бухалова Наталья Степановна, учитель иностранного языка Guess the sportsman Cristiano Ronaldo is a famous Brazilian football player Konstantin Dzu is a famous Russian boxer

Michael Phelps is a famous American swimmer

David Beckham is

a famous British

football player

Maria Sharapova is a famous Russian tennis player Sebastian Vettel is a famous Formula 1 driver Usain Bolt is a famous Jamaician athlete Yelena Isinbayeva is a famous Russian athlete Michael Jordan is a famous American basketball player


the Olympic Games,

Usain Bolt

Match the words with their meanings.

1. No worries. A) Вовремя.

2. What`s the matter with you? B) Быть искусным в ч-л.

3. Right on time. C) Сенсация.

4. To beat somebody in a race. D) Что с тобой?

5. To win. E) Невероятный.

6. To be great in something. F) Выигрывать.

7. Increadible. G) Не волнуйся.

8. Sensation. H) Победить к-л в беге.

«All worries do weigh you down».

«You always go faster when you keep it light».

«Все волнения только отягощают тебя».

«Ты побежишь быстрее, если будешь легче к этому относиться».

How do you understand it?

The Boy Who Learned to Fly –

Usain Bolt


Who said that?

a)Usain, b) Usain’s mother, c) a man, d) a teacher, e) a commentator



1).“Not gonna be late, not gonna be late”

2). “Hey, wait, you forgot your lunch”

3) “Hey, boy , what’s matter with you?”

4) OK, lunch time, everyone outside!

5) What if I don’t win?

6) Here comes the teenage sensation Usain Bolt sprinting down racetrack

7) The boy I know has no worries, because all worries ever do is weigh you down

8) Come on, that’s from here to that tree

9) You can always go faster when you keep it light.

10) You did good, but if you want to be great, you wanner have to take more seriously.


Match the two parts of the sentences.


1) What if I a) with you?

2) Since when did you become b) to that tree

3) You wanna have to take it c) you don’t win?

4) What`s the matter d) don’t win?

5) All worries e) when you keep it light

6) You always go faster f) do weigh you down

7) Come on, that’s from here g) sprinting down racetrack

8) Here comes the teenage sensation Usain Bolt h) mama

9) No worries, i) so serious, boy?

10) What if j) more seriously

1d, 2i, 3 j, 4a, 5f, 6e, 7b, 8g, 9h, 10c.