Тест "Косвенная речь" 7 класс

Тест 7 класс Английский язык
Косвенная речь
учитель англйского языка
Сюткина Ю.В.
1. Report what the children say.
1) Misha: “I usually spend my holidays in the South”.
2) Rob: “My father lives in Moscow”.
3) Jane: “I can’t read this book”.
4) Masha: “I’m glad to be here”.
5) Ann: “I read this book last year”.
2. Change the direct speech into reported speech.
1. “I am planning to go to England,” Sally said.
2. “I take my little brother to school every day,” Anthony said.
3. “You may take my book,” Nonna said.
4. “They are playing in the gym now,” Nill said.
5. “I don’t like ice cream,” Mary said.
3. Write reported questions.
1. “What’s her name?” he asked.
2. “What did she buy?” she asked.
3. “Will you have something to eat?” he asked