Презентация "Традиционные рецепты британской кухни" 7 класс

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Традиционные рецепты британской кухни

Yorkshire pudding is cooked by pouring a batter made from milk (or water), flour and eggs into preheated, oiled, baking pans,   muffin tins  A basic formula uses 1⁄3 cup flour and 1⁄3 cup liquid per egg.

  • Cotyrnish pas — It is small oval pie, with different filling , classic variant is potato, onion, pieces of beef . Also popular pies with cheese.
  • Scotch egg — boiled eggs , which are smeared by stuffing(minced meat)
  • Cottage pie - baked pudding , with mashed potatoes and beef filling.
  • Roast beef — a piece of beef, is cooked in oven.


wales — lamb with mint sauce

Scotland – porridge with meat and flavour

  • ENGLAND — steaks

Nothern Ireland  —trout