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Моя малая родина-Конаково Учитель английского языка: Орехова Жанна Сергеевна Town description
  • The town was renamed in 1929

The city is located at the mouth of the Donkhovka river, on the banks of the Ivankovo reservoir, there are several free beaches, located 30 minutes on foot from the station of the electric train "Konakovo-GRES" (not to be confused with the now defunct station "Konakovo").

Konakovo coat of arms and flag The coat of arms of the city has the following appearance: in a silver field under the green head, burdened with a hare jumping in the color of the field, and on the azure (blue) extremity, limited to the waves running to the right — a green pine between the two of the same firs. The galloping white hare symbolizes the connection of modern history with ancient symbols. Blue waves, as well as pine and spruce symbolize the natural features of the surroundings.

The composition of the flag of the city completely repeats the composition of the coat of arms. The flag is a rectangular white cloth carrying along the upper edge a green stripe in the cloth with the image of a white running hare from the coat of arms of the city, and along the lower edge — a blue stripe in the form of waves running to the tree; close to the waves are depicted green pine and on the sides of it — two firs.


The housing stock of the city consists mainly of standard five - and nine - storey residential buildings; the old part of the city is one-and two-storey residential buildings. Currently, the city's development of new high-rise buildings on the banks of the river Donhowe in the city centre. In the catchment area of zabor'e built luxury cottage village "Konakovo river club" 4* hotel, guest houses, sports centre with swimming pool and bowling alley, yacht club, bath complex, cottages, etc.

Konakovo faience is

plant legendary Kuznetsov, founded in 1809 (in 1809 in the modern Konakov Bohemian pharmacist Friedrich Christian Briner was founded faience factory). Since 1829 it began to belong to the family of Russian landlords Auerbach. In 1869 the plant was bought by the largest Mogul porcelain and faience industry Matvey Sidorovich Kuznetsov. Production of faience plant and now is widely known not only in our country, but also in tens countries of the world.) (now – JSC "Konakovsky faience factory»)

Konakovo GRES

Konakovo GRES is one of the largest power plants in the Central part of Russia, located on the banks of the Ivankovo reservoir in the city of Konakovo, Tver region. It is an affiliate of Enel Russia.

Famous people

Athanasius Timofeyevich Sokolov, the field commander of the Pugachev rebellion.

Porphyry Konakov -revolutionary worker (Eser).

Derendyaev Valery Pavlovich-honored biologist of the Russian Federation.

Zakharkin Igor -Professor of the theory and methods of hockey, head of the Department of hockey RGUFK, former senior coach of the Russian national hockey team. Honored coach of Russia.

Barykin, Alexey Vladimirovich — the developer of search algorithms of Yandex

Porfiry Petrovich Konakov

(1878 — 7 Aug 1906) — worker-revolutionary.

Born in the village of Antsiferovo, Bogorodsky district, Moscow province in 1878 (the exact date is unknown. The family soon moved to the village of Kuznetsovo.

In 1890, after completing a four-year course at school, he began working in the painting shop of the Tver porcelain and faience factory, where he was fired five years later. Then Porfiry Konakov moved to Riga.

In July 1906 he took an active part in the Kronstadt uprising of soldiers and sailors, led the capture of the Fort "Constantine", for which the verdict of the court was shot August 7, 1906. In his honor, in 1930 it was renamed the village Kuznetsova (now Konakovo), where he lived for a time lived. In 1982 on the station square Konakovo to it the monument was opened.

Famous landmarks

Konakovo is a small picturesque town in the Tver region. Local landscapes are obtained only through the use of flowers of nature. It is impossible to look away from forests rich in green colors, or from the blueness of numerous rivers.


River DONHOWE. The inflow of the first order, flows into the Ivankovskoye reservoir from the right Bank, within the district center of Konakovo

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