Конспект урока "My home is my castle" 6 класс

Конспект урока по английскому языку в 6 классе по теме «My home is my
Цели урока: развитие социо-культурной компетенции через знакомство с
типами домов в США и Великобритании .
Задачи урока:
Learn new information about British and American homes
Listen, speak, read about different types of houses in the USA and in the UK
Come to conclusions
Ход урока:
1.Организационный момент(Good morning!Glad to see you!How are you
2.Have a look at the screen.The topic of our lesson is «My home is my castle».So
and what proverbs do we know about home?(небольшой интерактив
,выступление группы учащихся с небольшим докладом о поговорках).На
доске выписаны слова с транскрипцией:castle,upstaires,downstairs,bungalow.
Повторение объектов и предметов комнат(работа с презентацией).
3.And now let`s watch a short video about typical English house.
(after watching it ,выступление группы учащихся с докладом и презентацией о
домах в Великобритании, затем -вопросы классу).На доске слова с
транскрипцией detached,semi-detached,terraced.
4.And where do the Americans live? Let`s listen to the next group to find out
it.(выступление группы с небольшим рассказом и презентацией об
американских типах домов). На доске слова с транскрипцией suburb,mobile
homes.Учащиеся задают вопросы по докладу.
5.Reading(работа с текстами-распечатками,с заданиями на T/F)
Checking.Conclusions(слайд презентации),What is common and what are the
differences between the types of homes of the USA and the UK.
Typical American and English houses.
Read the text and mark statements T(true)or F(false).
On the first floor of an American housethere is a living-room which is like
office for business meetings.Hall, living-room and dining-room are usually
planned a single whole.On the second floor bedrooms and combined bathroom
units. White color is typical for American houses. It turns out that white color is
traditional. Heart and soul of a typical American house is a living-room. Lots of
relatives and guests can meet here.There is a lot of furniture in it: a fireplace, a
sofa, a TV. There’s plenty of room inside the living-room. You can play exciting
games there.
The British live in flats but a lot of people have their own houses. There are
different kinds of homes in Britain: detached houses, semi-detached houses, block
of flats, terraced houses, bungalows.English people love old houses but they are
very expensive.What’s the typical English house?
The traditional English house has got two floors: the ground floor and the first
floor. The sitting or living room, the dining room and the study are downstairs on
the ground floor. The kitchen and the hall are downstairs too. There are two or
three bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs.
The living room is usually the largest room in the house. There is always a sofa,
some chairs and armchairs in it. There is often a carpet on the floor. It makes the
room comfortable. There is usually a fireplace in the living room. The English
often spend evenings in the armchairs near the fireplace. They read books, watch
TV, listen to music or just sit around and talk.English people also like gardening.
So you can see gardens in front or in the back of the house. There is usually a big
garden with lots of beautiful flowers and plants in front of the house - it’s often
called “front yard”. There is also a small garden with a swimming pool in the
T(true)or F(false)?
1. White color is typical for English houses..
2. There is a lot of furniture in American living room…..
3. The British don`t live in flats……..
4. The typical English house is an old house…..
5. The traditional English and British house has got two floors….
6. There isn`t a fireplace in American house……
6.Рефлексия, итоги урока.