Конспект урока "Как заполнить разные формы"

Урок с родителями в рамках Дня открытых дверей.
Тема: «Как заполнить разные формы» 28/02/15/
Цель урока:1)ознакомить родителей с заполнением
самых простых форм;
2)активизировать интерес к английскому языку;
3)помочь вспомнить необходимые грамматические
структуры для решения поставленных задач.
Ход урока.
1.Introduce yourselves.(Your name, your family, and
hobbies)Do you use English every day?
2.The aim of our lesson is to learn how to complete
different forms: landing cards, personal details for an
accommodation agency..
3.One of the most exciting hobbies in the world is
travelling. Nowadays every person travels a lot and
visits new countries on business and for pleasure.
While travelling we have to complete some forms .
4.Complete a landing card. Let’s try to complete a
landing card. On the board you can see some information
for you.
When people are abroad they can rent a house or a flat,
they go to an accommodation agency.
6.At the Accommodation Agency.
Accommodation agency is an organization which finds
for people houses and flats for people to rent in return
for payment.
1.Work with the picture. What can you see in the
picture? How many people can you see? Where are
they? Is it a classroom? Who are these people? Are they
2.Listen to the conversation and say what details the
agent asks for.
3.Let’s read the conversation and complete the form
Title: Mr
Surname: Ferreira
First name: Jose
Country: Brazil
Age: 27
Marital status: single
Tel. number: 07096552
Read the conversation in pairs.
4.Listening: Listen to another conversation and choose
the correct items to complete the form.
What is the name of the accommodation agency?
Read the form, please.
What’s the first surname?
How do you spell it? What’s the second surname? How
do you spell it?
What’s the first name? How do you spell it? What’s the
second surname? How do you spell it?
What’s the first country? What’s the second country?
What’s the first age/the second age?
What is the first/second marital status?
What’s the first/the second telephone number?
What’s the difference between Mr/Ms; single/married;
Listening-2 times. Checking.
5.Now one of you will an agent and will ask questions
and the second one will answer the questions. Use the
form in your hand out. Act out your conversation for
the group.
6.There are a lot of different forms .We complete a
form for a discount card in a shop, a CV when we apply
for a job, a landing card and etc.
Let’s fill in a CV with you. Look through the lines and say
if you have any questions.
7.Let’s have some fun. What do think of listening to the
song about holiday time.
Look through the song? Say if you understood the main
ideas of it. Listen to the song and try to fill in the missing
words.(2 times)Let’s check. Who could fill in all missing
8.What do think of our lesson? Which activity did you
find the most interesting and useful?
-Answers of parents.