Презентация "A visit to Scotland" 2 класс

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A visit to Scotland “He who has not seen Scotland does not really know Great Britain”


Currency – pound.

River Clyde

The best known Lakes: Loch Lomond Loch Ness

Mountains- The Highlands of Scotland

Largest cities : Glasgow Aberdeen

Great people: Sir Walter Scott

Robert Burns

James Watt

Robert Louis Stevenson

“This is my own, my native land” Sir Walter Scott.

№1What is the name of the highest mountain in Scotland?

№2 What is the national emblem?

№3 What`s the monster “lives” in Loch Ness?

№4 What city is called “the heart of industry”?

№5 What river is Glasgow on?

№6 What is the name of the largest lake in Scotland?

№7 What is the kilt?

№8 What’s the capital of Scotland?

«My heart is in Highland, wherever I go...»

1 задание:

Найти на контурной карте и обозначить Шотландию.

Нарисовать пейзаж Шотландии.

2 задание:

Нарисовать изображение Несси .

Нарисовать Несси для рекламы.

Robert Burns a great Scottish poet

J. Watt a famous inventor.

W. Scott a great poet

A. Fleming a scientist, famous for discovering of penicillin.

A famous writer

David Livingstone an outstanding explorer of Africa

When we get acquainted with the culture, literature and history of another country, we begin to understand its people, their way of life and their views better.

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