Презентация "Australia" 6 класс

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  • It was discovered in 1606 and named “New Holland”. Captain James Cook landed on the east coast in 1707. Since that time Australia has belonged to Britain. The name Australia (Южная земля) was fixed in 19th century.
The Commonwealth of Australia
  • Australia is the constitutional monarchy - the head of the State is the Queen of Great Britain – and the parliament federation.
  • On 1 January 1901 the six Australian states became one country.
  • Canberra has been the capital of Australia since 1927 and now it is an important centre of learning
Six states, two territories
  • New South Wales is the industrial state. Its capital is Sydney – the largest city in Australia, founded in 1788. It is a busy modern city, the center for much Australian business.
Six states, two territories
  • Western Australia is an inhospitable, dry state. But it has the most beautiful Australian city - the capital Perth.
  • The next least populated and least developed part is Northern Territory. Crocodiles still live there. It has only two large settlements – Darwin – its capital – and Alice Springs – the only town in the south.
  • Brisbane is the capital of Queensland - the second largest state in Australia. It is famous for its sandy beaches.
Six states, two territories
  • Victoria state is the financial centre of the nation. The main city is Melbourne – the previous capital of Australia.
  • South Australia is well-known as the largest exporter of wine. Its capital Adelaide is famous for Festivals of Art held every two years.
Six states, two territories
  • Tasmania, the island state, produces most of Australia’s apples, pears and berries. Its capital Hobart is one of the oldest city in Australia, was founded in 1804.
“The upside down world” – the most extraordinary country Australia is the hottest place in the South Hemisphere
  • The Great Coral Reef is the largest in the world and the most beautiful
Let’s sum up
  • Australia is situated in the Southern Hemisphere
  • It is a continent, an island and a country
  • There are 6 states and 2 territories in Australia. Canberra is the capital of the country
  • Other important cities are Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane
  • Australia is a land of striking differences