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Souvenirs from Russia Matryoshka doll Matryoshka is the best known and most popular Russian souvenir. It is a set of painted wooden dolls of decreasing sizes one hidden inside another. The number of nested figures usually varies from three to ten, but in some rare cases can reach 50 and even more. Traditional matryoshka doll represents a woman dressed in a Russian peasant dress wearing a scarf on her head. Pavlovo Posad shawls
  • Pavlovo Posad is a small town not far from Moscow known all over Russia for its shawls and scarves factory. The factory has been in town since the end of the 18th century but its production is in great demand up to now. The shawls usually feature bright floral pattern.
  • Khokhloma is a traditional Russian craft originated in the 17th century in the area of Nizhniy Novgorod. It’s the style of painting on wooden tableware and furniture. Khokhloma style can be recognized for its red and gold flower pattern on a dark background.
  • Lacquer boxes are among the most beautiful crafts of Russia in the 20th century. They are made of unusual material; it’s not wood as it seems to be but papier-mâché. The boxes feature miniature paintings, the themes range from Russian landscapes to Fairy tales.
  • Gzhel is a style of Russian ceramics which originates from the village of Gzhel not far from Moscow. The pottery feature distinctive blue designs on white background. The range of Gzhel production is very diverse, among most popular items are tea and coffee services, clocks, lamps.
  • Valenki or Russian felt boots used to be very popular footwear in winter. They’re not so widespread today in big cities but are still common in the countryside. Valenki are among the warmest footwear that can be used in severe winters, today valenki are usually worn by little kids.
Birch bark crafts
  • Birch bark crafts have been popular in Russia since ancient times. During your tour of Moscow you can get numerous boxes, jewelry, baskets made of birch bark.
  • Ushanka or shapka ushanka is a traditional Russian fur hat. It has ear flaps that might be tied at the chin to protect ears and neck from the cold or fixed at the back of the head. It is known in the west sometimes as simply ‘shapka” (which actually means “hat’ in Russian) and its name ‘ushanka’ derives from the Russian word ushi (“ears”).
  • A samovar is a traditional device used to heat water for tea. The word "samovar" in Russian means "boils itself." Samovars can be found in homes throughout Russia.