Презентация "UK Souvenirs" 5 класс

Подписи к слайдам:
Match the countries to the nationalities
  • Country
  • The UK
  • England
  • Scotland
  • Wales
  • Northern Ireland
  • Nationality
  • a tartan scarf
  • a stuffed toy
  • a toy bus
  • a pin
  • a mug
  • a hat
  • I can buy (what?) _____ (where?)________
  • HAT
  • This is a hat. It has got shamrock on it. The shamrock is the national symbol of Ireland.
  • MUG
  • This is a mug. It has got a Welsh dragon on it. The Welsh dragon is on the flag of Wales.
  • This is a tartan scarf from Scotland. Tartan cloth is very popular in Scotland.
  • This is a stuffed toy. It looks like a cow. There are many cows in Scotland.
  • These are toy buses. They are double-decker buses. You can see these in London.
  • PIN
  • This is a pin. It has got a Union Jack on it. The Union Jack is the flag of the UK.
Match the souvenirs to the countries
  • Souvenir
  • The pin
  • Toy buses
  • The stuffed toy
  • The mug
  • The hat
  • Country
Russian Souvenirs Wooden Handycrafts Russian folk clothes Small gifts
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