Тест "Современные технологии" 10 класс

1. He … to the USA
a) have never been b) never been c) has never been
2. How many students … in your class?
a) are there b) there are c) is it
3. How often do you see your grandparents? I see them … a week.
a) one b) once c) the first
4. St. Petersburg stands on the river … .
a) Neva b) Nile c) Thames
5. She has not cooked dinner … .
a) already b) yet c) never.
6. You should … drinking beer. It`s not good for health.
a) give up b) begin c) take
7. She knows English … than you.
a) good b) worse c) better
8. This film … into 14 languages.
a) was translated b) were translated c) has translated
9. It`s not your i-phone, it`s … .
a) mine b) my c) your
10. That book is …
a) my b) me c) yours
11. If the weatherbad tomorrow, we will stay at home
a) will be b) is c) are
11. Could you tell me where …?
a) is the nearest bank b) the nearest is bank c) the nearest bank is
12. Dick … home when the rain began
a) were walking b) was walking c) has walked
13. If IEnglish well, I would translate the text easily.
a) knew b) know c) will know
14. Where … on holidays last summer?
a) have you gone b) were you going c) did you go
15. When I came home my brother his homework
a) does b) had already done c) has done
16. The………… tools of prehistoric people were made of stone
a) hunt b) hunting c) hunted
17. …………. found hobbits in Australia
a) Archaeologists b) Archeology c) Archaeological
18. Our ………..have made a great discovery.
a) science b) scientists c) scientist
19. W. Shakespeare was born in …….
a) London b) Reading c) Stratford-Upon-Avon
20. There is … snow in the field
a) so much b) so many c) such much
21. He is the ……. student in our group
a) best b) worse c) less
22. I have known her ………. childhood
a) for b) since c) in
23. I haven’ t seen you ……. ages
a) for b) since c) in
25. I translated the text …………Friday
a) next b) last c) ago
26. Radio ……………. by Popov
a) was made b) were made c) is made
27. These computers …….. every day
a) used b) are used c) use
28. They didn’t get used to …….. on the left
a) drive b) driving c) drove
29. The bus leaves …….. 4 p.m.
a) at b) in c) on
30. He told me …….. a report
a) to make d) making c) made
31. ….Everest is….highest mountain in…Asia
a) the,the,the b)-,-,- c)-,a,the d)-,the,-
32. This town reminds me ______ my childhood
a) of b) on c) from d) at
33. He is fond …… music.
a) of b) on c) from d) at
34. Our granny often tells ___ a lot about war
a) they b) we c) us d) them
35. The dress was old-fashioned, _______?
a) was it b) it was c) wasn
t it d) it was not
36. There are 10 _________ in the football team.
a) man b) man
s c) men d) mennen