Конспект урока "Love rules over the world" 2 класс

Love rules over the world
Цели: Познакомить с творчеством знаменитых Британских поэтов и
их вкладом в мировую культуру.
Совершенствование навыков устной речи.
Воспитание уважения к культуре другой страны.
Оборудование: мультимедийная презентация, проигрыватель, пластинка.
T: Good morning, dear friends! I invite you to our literary party, which is devoted to the creative
work of outstanding British poets: Robert Burns, George Byron and William Shakespeare.
I think through the poetry we’ll become a little bit closer to British culture today.
The common theme connects the works of these poets. And this theme is “Love”. Love to
native land, nature and of course love to a woman. The theme of our lesson is called: “Love rules
over the world”
Love is responsible for harmony, which we try to maintain at all costs, for harmony implies
living in peace and agreement. Harmony implies wholeness, for love breeds love. Hate implies
division, for hate breeds hate.
Robert Burns is considered to be the creator of the Scottish songs. His songs are known for
extraordinary truthfulness, passion and lovely melody. They reflect the people’s soul and
national character. The poet’s song “Oh, my love is like a Red red rose” is one of the most
lyrical songs.
P1- A red, red rose.(ученик читает декламирует стих-е)
T: Marshak, Levik, Pasternak and other Russian poets translated the poems of British poets, their
skill helps us to understand British poetry better.
P2 translation of the poem
T: Now,one of our student will read her own translation of Burns’ poem…A red red , rose.
P3 - translation.
Слайды на экране
P4 - Robert Burns, the Scottish national pride and a world famous poet, lived at the end of the
18 th century when Scotland lost its independence, its parliament, even its language, Robert
Burns loved his country dearly. Love for Scotland, for the Scottish people and the Scottish
language is the main theme of his poems.
P5 My Heart’s in the Highland.
P6 Translation of the poem
P4 Burns is tenderly loved honored and appreciated all over the word. His song “Auld land
syne” became a traditional English song which Britons sing in the Trafalgar Square on the days
of nation festivals
P6 Auld land syne
P4 - Robert Burns wrote a great number of songs, poems and ballads which were translated into
all languages. People of different cultures are delighted by his sense of humor, tender, lyricism,
cheerfulness and kindheartedness .
Robert Burns was born in the family of a poor Scottish farmer
He grew up among common people whose values were honesty, justice, human solidarity, scorn
for material values. He was one of them. He shared their values. His poems, songs and ballads
stem from Scottish folklore.
T: Burns’ songs are the soul of music and it is not surprising that Beethoven, Schuman,
Mendelson and other composed music to the poet’s verses. Russian Composers have also set
many of Burns’ verses to music. Let’s listen to a song “Robin.” Music was composed by Russian
composer Sviridov.
Звучит песня “Robin”
T: George Gordon Byron was born in 1788 in an old aristocratic family. His mother came of a
rich Scottish family. His father was a poor army officer who spent his wife’s money very soon
and died when the boy was three years old. The family lived in Scotland where the boy went to a
grammar school. In 1789 Byron inherited the title of lord and the family estate, Newstead
Abbey in Nottinghamshire from his grand uncle. George was sent to a Harrow school where
boys of aristocratic families got their education.
P7 G.G.N. B., the greatest English poet of the 18th century, was a Romantic, who never lost
his sense of wonder of the world.
P8 There is a pleasure in the pathless woods (poem)
P9 Есть наслажденье в бездорожных чащах (translation)
P10 - And I have loved thee ocean! (poem)
P11 Тебя любил я, море! (translation)
P7 - George Byron was a thinker, a philosopher, a poet, who was anxious to get to the essence
of things. A true artist who lived and acted from impulse, not from rules. A school boy of 16,
he fell in love with a girl M.A. Chaworth, but the girl didn’t like Byron. Byron could not so
easily forget her and that love gave a sad colouring to all his future life. In the poem “Dream”
the poet speaks about his love.
P12 And both were young, and one was beautiful (Poem)
И оба были юны, но моложе (translation)
P13 “She walks in beauty”(poem)
“Она идет во все красе”(translation)
P14 “When we two parted”(poem)
P7 Byron’s temperament and his sense of wonder made him a poet who electrified his age.
T: Byron spent first ten years of his life in Scotland. He was fond of the rocky coast and
mountains of the country. His love of natural scenery was reflected in many of his poems
P15 “I would I were a careless child…”(poem)
P16 - Хочу я быть ребенком вольным…(translation)
P17 Биография Шекспира
P18 Sonnet XVI “Let me not to the marriage of true minds”
P19 Sonnet 90 “Then hate me when thou will: if ever now”
P20 Уж если ты разлюбишь, - так теперь (translation)
T: Thank you, boys and girls for your recitingof some poems and songs of British poets by heart.
Did you like them?
Now I would like you to compare and analyze some lines from poems. I think (the) theme of
love to a woman is typical for all of them. What about love to native land, nature? Whose poems
are close in theme? Will you name them?
P: Burn`s and Byron`s
P: “My Heart’s in the Highland”
P: I would I were a careless child.
T: Will you remember some lines from these poems, which show the poets’ love to nature
(native land).
P: Still dwelling in my Highland cave—И снова жить в горах родных
P: My heart in the Highland В горах мое сердце, Доныне я там.
T: Can you remember Russian poets, who also loved mountains and wrote about his love?
P: М.Ю. Лермонтов.
T: Do you remember some poems?
P: Кавказ, Мцыри.
T: would you like to listen to the poem Кавказ by Lermontov?
P: R. Burns “Скалистые горы, где спят облака”
T: Now, Boys and girls will you answer some questions?
1. What is harmony?
2. What is at the root of harmony?
3. What can destroy harmony? Why?
4. Why is William Shakerspeare acclaimed the greatest modern writer?
5. What is a symbol of love and passion in Burn’s poetry?
T : Now, Boys and girls look at the blackboard and match the sentences with the names of the
1. He is a vivid representative of Renaissance a) R.Burns
2. Не got his education at Harrow School b)W.Shakespeare
3. One of his songs is sung in the Trafalgar Square c)G.Byron
(Why is Shakespeare acclaimed the greatest writer of the)
Past millennium?
4. He was born in an old aristocratic family a)W.Shakespeare
5. He was born in the family of a poor farmer b)G.Byron
6) He was born in the family of a well to do merchant
T: So, our work is over. Thanks for you activity.
Thank you for you attention.
I hope you have become a little bit closer to cultural life of Britain, because poetry is one of the
spheres of cultural life in any country.
All participants of our literary lesson will get exellent marks.