Урок-игра "Christmas symbols" 6 класс

Урок разработан Ротаренко О.А.,
учителем ГОУ №160
Тема урока: “Christmas symbols
Форма: урок-игра
Цели:1.Познакомить с основными символами праздника
Christmas в англоязычных странах.
2.Сравнить даты празднования католического и
православного рождества, нового года и рождества.
3.Сравнить внешний облик и традиции, связанные с
главным героем празднований Рождества и Нового года
(Санта Клаус Дед Мороз)
4.Начать подготовку учащихся к работе с англо-
английским словарем.
Задачи:1.Повторить знаки транскрипции.
2.Тренировать умение чтения транскрипции слов.
3.Продолжить тренировать умение чтения,
говорения, понимания на английском языке.
Материалы:1.Оформление класса символами
2.Классная доска оформлена рождественскими и
новогодними открытками с изображениями Санта Клауса и
Деда Мороза, карточкой «Christmas symbols»
3.Папки для каждой группы со словами:
Christmas, Christmas box, Christmas card, Christmas carol,
Christmas cracker, Christmas dinner, Christmas stocking,
Christmas Eve, holly, robin, deer, Santa Claus, ivy, mistletoe,
4.Словарные статьи к этим словам, напечатанные
на разноцветных шарах, разложены на одной из парт.
Карточки с транскрипцией слов - на другой парте. Картинки
к словарным статьям - на третьей.
Ход урока:
1.Орг. момент. Приветствие. Объявление темы, целей урока.
(Warm up activities.)
-Look around. Do you like our classroom? Why is it so
nice? What holiday are we going to celebrate? (New Year)
When? What holiday do people in many countries celebrate on
the 25
of December? Do people in our country celebrate
Christmas on that date? When do church and Russian people
celebrate Christmas?
People all over the world celebrate Christmas in different
ways but all of them do a lot of things to prepare the celebration.
What do they do? (buy presents, cook delicious food, decorate
streets, houses) Our classroom is decorated, too. What can you
see on the walls and windows of it? (bells, lights, Christmas
tree…)So our classroom is decorated with CHRISTMAS
- Come up, children. Look at the blackboard. What can
you see on it? (Christmas, New Year cards)What helps you to
guess? (symbols) Of course, every holiday has its own symbols.
Today we will discuss the symbols of Christmas.
But our lesson isn’t a usual one. We will play the game.
Every game has its rules, so let’s divide your group into three
teams. Now you are ready to start. Every team gets the file. It
will help you to play. Don’t forget that every team has a chance
to get the prize! Let’s start!
2.- Let’s look at your files.
What can you see?(Christmas cards)
Can you guess where they are from. (Great Britain,
Australia, Russia)
How did you guess? (students describe their cards,
mentioning Christmas symbols they know)
-Well, it’s time to look at our Christmas cards again and find
the main characters of winter holidays? Who can you see in
every card?( Santa Clause, Farther Frost) Some people don’t
know the difference. Do you?
Who brings presents for children at Christmas?-SC
Where is he from?-NP
Where does FF live?-R
Who helps Santa Clause/Father Frost? (Snow maiden, Deer
How do they get to the people? (through a chimney, in a
( new words can be explained by the teacher)
-Now find the page with Santa Clause and Father Frost in your
file, match the words and describe the characters. You have five
(Students do the task, then describe Santa Clause, Father
3.-Well, there are a lot of different Christmas symbols. Some of
them are known for you but today you will learn about some
- What do you usually do when you don’t know any words?
Yes, you use a dictionary. It will help us again.
- This is an English-English dictionary. It explains English
words in English. Every article in the dictionary has
transcription and definition or explanation of the word.
Some articles have pictures. (Teacher shows two words,
transcriptions, definitions and pictures for Christmas
poinsettia and mistletoe.)
-In your files there are names of Christmas symbols. You
should find and match the transcription, the definition and the
picture of the word, if it is there. Not every word has a
-Look. You can find the definitions for the words on this
desk-they are written on the coloured balls. The transcriptions
are on the desk. The pictures can be found here.
When your team finds all articles you will read, explain and
show the picture of every symbol. For one right answer the
team will get one point. Now start. Help each other.
(Students in teams look for the definitions, transcriptions
and pictures for their words. When they have the whole
dictionary articles students read the words, explain their
meanings and show the pictures of Christmas symbols. After
that all students count the points together and get the prizes. The
game is over.)
4. Now you know a lot of Christmas symbols. They decorate our
classroom and a lot of houses, streets, towns and cities all over
the world. You can see them on many Christmas cards. Let’s
wish Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to each other and
sing a Christmas song!