Презентация темы "Welcome to Zainsk" 7-9 класс

Презентация темы: «Welcome to Zainsk»
Задачи: Дать основные знания о родном крае
2. Раскрыть значимость окружающего мира для жизни и
деятельности человека.
3. Побудить познавательный интерес к родному краю.
Цели: 1. Научиться представлять свой родной край на английском
языке для того, чтобы суметь оказать помощь зарубежному гостю,
приехавшему в Татарстан, Заинек познакомиться с городом.
2. Активизировать творческие способности при подготовке
1. Участники хором исполняют песню на мотив «What is your паmе?»
What is your name? What is your name? Now tell me, please, What is your
My name is Zainsk.
My name is Zainsk.
My name is Zainsk,
That's my name. How old are you?
How old are you? Now tell me,
please, How old are you?
(исполняется в стиле рэп)
I'm not so old,
I'm not so old,
I'm not so young,
I'm only 365!
Where are you located? Where
are you located? Where are you
located? Can you tell us?
(исполняется в стиле рэп)
I am located in the east Of
Republic Tatarstan
Between cities Nab.Chelni and Almetyevsk,
Along the railroad Bugulma-Agriz!
2. Участник 1: Zainsk is one of the oldest towns in our republic. It was named after the
river Zai. It is situated not far from the junction of the Stepnoi Zai and the Lesnoi Zai rivers
in the eastern part of Tatarstan. Zainsk was founded in 1652 as one of the fortresses. Zainsk
is 355 years old.
Power of the working people was established on the 5 of January 1918. During the Great
Patriotic War more than 4 thousand people from Zainsk region gave their lives for our
Motherland. The development of a working settlement is connected with the building of an
electric power station. It was opened in 1963. This station is one of the biggest power
stations in the Volga region.
Участник 2: In 1978 the working settlement became a town. Zainsk has a territory about
38 square km, and a population about 44 thousand people. Among them 48% are Tatars,
46% are Russians and other nations. Official languages are Russian and Tatar. The railroad
Bugulma-Naberezhnye Chelny- Agriz passes through Zainsk and the highway
Naberezhnye Chelny-Almetyevsk passes through our town too.
The climate is moderate-continental with warm, sometimes hot summers and moderate
cold winters. The main wealth is oil.
Участник 3: Zainsk industry is represented by such enterprises and associations as the
Wheel Plant, which began to produce wheels for lorries "KAMAZ" in 1978. There is a a
new plant "Techno-Nickol", a sugar factory, a bakery plant, a dairy plant, a printing house
and others.
There is a Local History Museum, a mosque, two churches here. Zainsk is very beautiful in
summer. It is green and clean. Zainsk is a multicultural town. There are different cultural
ethnic societies here. The main idea of lifestyle in Zainsk is piece, friendship and harmony.
Участник 4: Zainsk people are famous for their tradition of hospitality. When guests
from our country and abroad visit our town, girls in tatar national costumes greet them with
chuck-chuck. People of our town invite their friends' home to celebrate different festivals
and holidays. They make special dinner with snacks, pies, sweets, and cakes and, of course,
3. Участники исполняют песню на мотив «Соmе to the Party» (сборник песен
Come to Zainsk!
Come to Zainsk,
Come to Zainsk
Every time,
In all seasons,
In your free time,
Welcome, welcome!
Be a guest!
We will show you
Our town
Not very big
And not very small
You will meet
With kind our people,
Different traditions аnd cuisine.
We will show you
Our river, our forest
And our land
Welcome, welcome
To our region
Be a happy, happy man!
You will see
Our power station,
Sugar factory and
Wheel plant,
Our famous confectionary
Factory, our
Of many kinds.
4. Следующая группа участников представляет кондитерскую фабрику,
хлебозавод, молокозавод города Заинска, исполняется песня на мотив «Наш
Would you like some candies and crackers?
Would you like our milk and bread?
Bread with butter, loaves with sour cream,
Yogurt, kefir-аnd cottage cheese.
Bread with butter,
loaves with sour cream,
Yogurt, kefir and cottage cheese.- 2 times
Would you like some sweets and bon-bons?
Would you like sponge cakes and rolls?
Would you like caramel and chocolate?
Would you like these delicacies?
Would you like caramel and chocolate?
Would you like these delicacies? - 2 times
Help yourself to tea and crackers,
It's delicious, fresh and sweet.
They are spicy, salted, tasty,
Eat them! Eat them with "Good appetite!"
They are spicy, salted, tasty,
Eat them! Eat them with "Good appetite!" - 2 times.
4. Стихотворение про Заинск на татарском языке
6. Zainsk humor
- Why does a Zainsk woman say she has been shopping when she hasn't bought a thing?
- Why does a Zainsk man say he has been fishing when he hasn't caught any fish?
Гость в заинской гостинице: Look here! The rain is simply pouring through the roof in
my room.
Менеджер: Absolutely according to our prospects, sir, running water in every room.
Гость: One more thing. Your advertisement states that the hotel is only five minutes
from the station. It took me nearly an hour to reach here.
Менеджер: Ah, you have been walking. We don't cater for pedestrians.
7. Следующая группа участников представляет свой город и свою школу.
Исполняется песня на мотив «Клементина».
On the plain, by the river,
In the land of Tatarstan
There's a town called Zainsk,
The town best of all on maps.
Narrow streets and spacious prospects
So beautiful, so clean.
There are also many places
To take sports, relax and swim.
Zainsk sugar, Zainsk cracker,
Car detail producing plant,
Not to mention power station,
Museum of history and art.
People generous, hard working,
Kind and clever all the same,
Come and visit our Zainsk,
You will see, it's worth of fame!
Один из участников: It is impossible to talk about our town and not to mention our
school. Welcome to our school! (a poem)
The day is so festive, so bright
And I'm here to greet you, dear guests.
Believe me, it'll be delight
To visit school, one of the best.
So let's go baldly into this
World of creative studies, fun,
Each pupil feels at home here,
And teachers too, that's our design.
Look at our school, spectator,
And enjoy - it's like a beauty born a new
Sun's smiling in every windowpane,
Halls, spacious classrooms aren't few.
But yet, our pupils are the greater treasure
They are inquisitive and active,
And talented without measure
And do their best. I'm sure you will like this
school: Smart teachers, kids so cool And be
with them on friendly terms
As I do - humble teacher,
Truly yours.
2 участник:
В прекрасный этот день
Приветствую я вас
В одной из лучших школ,
Смелей за мною!
Нельзя не любоваться красотою
И чистотой и новизной её.
Но всё же большее богатство наше -
Учителя, ученики,
Ум, любознательность, активность
Таланты наши велики.
8. Все участники вместе исполняют песню на мотив «Комсомольцы-добровольцы»
Хорошо над Заинской рекой
Услыхать соловья на рассвете,
Только нам по душе не покой
Мы учительского племени дети.
Мы сильны нашей крепкою дружбой,
Сквозь века мы пройдем, если нужно
Зажигать молодые сердца.
Педагоги- иностранцы,
Надо верить, любить беззаветно,
Верить в нашу судьбу и конечно
Только так можно счастье найти.
Мы везде, где нас Родина ждет,
Отправляемся в дальние дали
Сквозь года мы достойно пронесем
Наш портфолио с учениками.