Контрольная работа "Travelling and Transport" 4 класс

Quiz. Topic ‘Travelling and Transport’. Form 4. Name, surname ___________________________________
1. Write down the missing forms of the verbs.
2. Make the sentences complete.
1) He never goes ____ bus, he always goes ____ foot.
2) She is tired _____ working in the garden.
3) They decided to meet ____ the airport.
4) She hasn’t bought a ticket _____ Moscow yet.
5) Where are you going to stay ____ Odessa?
6) We travelled ____ France ____ plane.
7) There were not many people ____ board the ship.
8) They arrived _____ the airport late.
9) We missed ____ the last bus and got ______ a taxi.
10) We arrived ____ London ____ night.
3. Write the opposites.
1) To miss a bus ______________________
2) To get off a train ___________________
3) To get on a horse ___________________
4) To catch a plane ____________________
5) Ugly _____________________________
6) Strong ___________________________
7) Cheap ____________________________
4. Complete the sentences, use have to, don’t have to, has to, doesn’t have to, had to, didn’t have to.
1) There was no bread at home yesterday, so I ____________________ go to the shop.
2) We were late for the plane yesterday, so we ____________________ take a train.
3) At her school she _________________ wear a uniform, she can wear jeans and a T-shirt.
4) Secretaries ________________ know English and answer the phone, it’s their job.
5) I ____________________ do much homework yesterday, the teacher didn’t give us any.
6) Pupils in Russia _________________ go to school on Sunday, it’s a day off.
7) Tom ____________ play the piano every day, he wants to be a great and famous musician.
5. Open the brackets and use the Present Perfect Tense.
1) I have already gone to the cinema, I’ve just seen a great film.
2) The rain ______________________________ (just/stop) and the sun is shining.
3) ___________you ____________to London (be/yet)? It’s a fantastic city.
4) He ______________________ (never/swim) in the sea, but he will one day.
5) My dad loves travelling, he _______________________ (already/fly) by plane 100 times.
6) The strong wind ______________________ (take) off the man’s hat. He can’t catch it.