Проверочная работа "Look into the Past" 6 класс

Проверочная работа по английскому языку
в 6 классе по теме "Look into the Past" по УМК Ю.А.Комаровой,
И.В.Ларионовой "Английский язык"
Цель урока: контроль лексических и грамматических навыков.
образовательные: проверить усвоение лексических навыков по теме
"Профессии" и "Даты";
проверить усвоение грамматических навыков по темам "глагол to be в
утвердительных и отрицательных предложениях во множественном и
единственном числе";
"формы простого прошедшего времени правильных и неправильных
"there was /there were в утвердительных, вопросительных и отрицательных
предложениях ";
развивающие: развивать навыки самоконтроля;
воспитательные: способствовать формированию ответственного отношения
к учению.
Время выполнения: 40 минут.
Form 6. Unit 7. Look into the Past
Progress Test.
Name ________________________________
1. Write the numbers or words for the dates in the table.
the second of November two thousand and twelve
the third of May nineteen ninety-five
the fifth of January eighteen forty-eight
2. Match the beginnings and ends of the words and write the words. Then
complete the sentences below with the words.
1. comp rer ____________________
2. pain tist ____________________
3. explo ter ____________________
4. scien tor ____________________
5. inven oser ____________________
a. Leonardo da Vinci was an Italian ......................... . His most popular work was
Mona Lisa.
b. Mikhail Lomonosov was a great Russian ................... .. and writer. He founded a
university in Moscow.
c. James Cook was an 18th-century .............................. . He discovered Australia.
d. John Harington was a poet and an .................... . He made a toilet for the queen.
e. Tchaikovsky was a famous Russian ................. . He created lots of beautiful
pieces of music.
Circle the correct alternatives.
a. She was / were in Ireland.
b. Isaac Newton weren't / wasn't French.
c. We were / was in the house before.
d. He was / were busy last Saturday.
e. They wasn't / weren't at school.
f. Her children were / was happy.
4. Match the irregular past forms of the verbs in the box with the present
went saw lost swam left ate
a. swim __________________
b. go ___________________
c. leave ___________________
d. see ___________________
e. eat ___________________
f. lose ___________________
5. Circle the correct alternatives.
a. I took / taked a lot of photos last summer.
b. We played / plaied tennis in summer.
c. He tidyed / tidied his room every day.
d. He drank/ drinked apple juice.
e. They carryed / carried heavy swords.
f. We seed / saw a good film yesterday.
6. Rewrite the sentences in the past simple.
a. I travel with my family in summer.
b. We tidy the classroom after the lessons.
c. They wear the school uniform.
d. We play computer games every day.
e. They arrive at 3 p.m.
f. They have lunch in the cafe.
7. Complete the sentences.
There were There was There wasn't Was there
There weren't Were there
a. _________________________ some cheese in the fridge.
b. _________________________ some children in the class.
c. _________________________ any water in the kettle.
d. _________________________ any apples on the table.
e. _________________________ any money in your pocket?
f. _________________________ any castles in Medieval times in Scotland?